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  1. DepthCharge

    Stuck with beginner diver who runs out of air in 20 mins?

    In the group that I travel with I'm the only diver. We go to all inclusives. I usually book diving off site. Two years ago I didn't do that.....what a mistake!!! So we're on the dive boat, and they break us up into two groups experienced and newbies. To make a long story short, they stuck me in...
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    Scubapro Heart Rate Monitor

    Can I ask what benefit a HRM is:confused: John
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    What 1st stage is this?

    Valve looks like the one from the OMS (faber) 8 cft. argon tank. Won't fit anything else. John
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    Down currents

    I hit one years and years ago on Cedral. Only one ever experienced. Been there 8 or 9 times John
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    When is medical clearance required for diving?

    Why tell 'em? Research it on your own and make an INFORMED decision on what you should do. I shattered my femur in '95, threw bilateral pulmonary emboli. I was on coumadin for 6 months after. Had a trip scheduled in about 4 months, called DAN they said to not dive until after coumadin completed...
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    SMB: weighted or not?

    Jesus Christ................another f*&ken course that covers stuff that should have been included with basic training. What's next..... a course on which bootie you put on first? :shakehead: John
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    Were you trained on Oxygen sensors with this level of detail?

    I put in a NOT SURE. My first course was 17 yrsa ago. Hard to remember if I had it in the course or learned some of it after (sucks to get old!). Also I'm not sure what point he's trying to make in the last paragraph of the article. Later, John
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    How great is the risk (in your perception)?

    Commenting on the posts about instructor not teaching certain things about rebreathers. (I'm not an instructor). In a week course one couldn't possibly teach everything you need to know about RB(s). Also some students would grasp a certain concept quickly, but other concepts more slowly. They're...
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    How great is the risk (in your perception)?

    The greatest risk is the operator. Complacency is the main cause. As long as you remember that the RB is trying to kill you, and you have to be on the lookout constantly you will be alright. I was recently diving on a mixed boat, as I was setting up my RB, I was answering question about the RB...
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    Dual and Single Bladder

    Well the complex answer has two bladders , while the other has only one:rofl3::rofl3::rofl3:
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    Doubles/cave style hose routing with single tank

    When diving open circuit I always dive with the 7 ft PRIMARY/DONATE hose as shown. Started back in '98 with dbls, made sense, so also incorporated it for single tanks. Later, John
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    APEKS US4 vs DS4 for deco / stage

    I've used the US4's for years. As tbone said, just be sure to rinse. I use a 20 cc syringe to flush them out. Later, John
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    Fair market value of dive shop

    I agree with Clark Fletcher. Esp. his second paragraph. As far as running most of it yourself.....have you ever worked at a dive shop? If/when I retire I wouldn't want to be working that hard. Just doing the management would be OK, but not all the other stuff. (or even 1/2 of the other...
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    Analox Sensor Saver Plug??

    I'm familiar with that document. Maybe I missed it somewhere (eyes are getting bad) but I don't recall seeing anywhere where it said that sealing it off makes it last longer. Just that low humidity tends to dry them out quicker. One would think that if sealing it off works, then the...
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    Analox Sensor Saver Plug??

    Also on the sealed package there is a use by date..............why is that there? John
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    Analox Sensor Saver Plug??

    First the life stated is for the cell in air...........OF COURSE exposing it to higher PO2's will shorten it's life. BUT nothing will lengthen it's life, or prevent it from dying at whenever the company says is its life (+or-). Lowvis: If what your saying is that removing the O2 stops the...
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    Analox Sensor Saver Plug??

    The point that I was making was that nothing you do will make a cell last longer. They die when they are ready. Rebreather divers discovered this about 30 yrs ago. Every possible "trick" has been tried, none work. John
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    Analox Sensor Saver Plug??

    Ok here's the truth.............without the plug it will last 365 days........with the plug it will last 52 weeks. Keep it in the fridge it will last 12 months.....etc.........get the picture:wink: John
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    Creating a dive computer with Location and Communications

    I have piezo's in both my HammerHead controller and Shearwater computer. Neither one requires "HARD" tapping, just a gentle squeeze. Are you thinking about the switches used in the Liquidvisions? Those were accelerometers, and I agree, the ones I saw did need a good knock. Later, John