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  1. Goingforsound

    La Paz Mx Dive shop recommendations

    I dove with Dive in La Paz. Good shop, the owner is a french women and good staff. the dives are 30-45min away by fast boat.
  2. Goingforsound

    Vance Harlow's OXYGEN HACKER'S COMPANION Site still live?

    The website is still up but the online order page wont load. :( They need to do an electronic version, it would sell really well.
  3. Goingforsound

    Who is from Qc Canada?!

    Good thing im am flying back to work on the 21st... oh wait... :(
  4. Goingforsound

    Balanced Rig - GUE - NEWB

    Go back in your course material and study a little bit the table provided. You should be able to follow the example it is pretty clear.
  5. Goingforsound


    Oh well, finaly found it on google: Whiskered Pipefish, Halicampus macrorhynchus Bamber 1915 Halicampus macrorhynchus
  6. Goingforsound


    Hi! I saw this little guy today near two chromodoris that I was checking out. Its about 8cm long and it was located at 14m in Camiguin, Philippines. I checked a marine ID books for pipe fish at the diveshop and did not find anything with this leafy pattern. Can anyone point me in the right...
  7. Goingforsound

    Found In Bonaire

    A feather star?
  8. Goingforsound

    2020 Dive rite XT fins.

    What is actually so different...
  9. Goingforsound

    Dining out in Sabang?

    The Verandah is nice too. I also like El Galleon. Both places have good food and good service.
  10. Goingforsound

    CoronaVirus Dilemma

    Just flew in yesterday from istanbul. Other than a thermal camera screening at the airport everything seems normal in manila.
  11. Goingforsound

    Oh oh... DAN in Quebec

    I dont remember the specifics but the regulation issue is known and disclosed. They must be bored over their mond to explain it over and over again
  12. Goingforsound

    Who is from Qc Canada?!

    Me, a little while ago. Born near Montreal. Lived in Newfoundland for 2 years and currently between Burkina Faso and Philippines!
  13. Goingforsound

    Oh oh... DAN in Quebec

    This issue has exactly 0 thing in common with FQAS (as stupid fqas is anyway) It's a legit insurance stupid quebec regulation because we are such a useless place on earth so we have to make it difficult for no reason. Im born in quebec, will never dive there.
  14. Goingforsound

    Do You Watch YouTube Videos For Tech Tips or Other Info?

    Yep! Innerspace explorer is the best... Gue has outstanding material but most of it is on and not youtube (and its expensive)
  15. Goingforsound

    Which spool to attach transmitter to HP hose?

    Screwing in the first stage leads to unaware deck hands and dm's pulling and twisting it because they think its a valve knob. #divinginphilippines :)
  16. Goingforsound

    Which training to do first: fundies or drysuit?

    I would do fundies first. Fixing your bad habits and getting in trim will ease your learning on the drysuit. I did the opposite and its not bad but I got really better with the drysuit after fundies (did it wet).
  17. Goingforsound

    6 dive days - where?

    If you like macro, 100% Dauin. Some days you get lucky some days it is quiet. Orica Pier is fantastic and Apo Island too. Malapascua is nice, sharks and gato island but the rest is pretty average. Moalboal I like Pescador Island but the remaining is average too.
  18. Goingforsound

    Oxygen Regulator Basics - Video by Jill Heinerth

    That video was very tough to watch.
  19. Goingforsound

    Be careful in Coron: operator(s) taking non-wreck certified divers inside the shipwrecks

    Really liked the diving in Coron. But yes, safety is not priority.
  20. Goingforsound

    How many days in Dauin with this itinerary?

    You should definatly fly to dumaguete. Bus and ferry is a pain in the ass. There is flights from cebu morning, afternoon and night. I often spend 10 days stretches in Dauin. I have 2-3 days of boring diving out of those 10 days. Apo island is really nice, but I prefer muck diving. If you...