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    How To Remove Scuba Hose | The Right Way! | Easy Scuba Fixes

    You’ve seen others remove the Scuba Regulator hose from the 2nd Stage or you’ve done this yourself with one wrench. Wait! Don’t do it with one wrench. Use two wrenches. Watch the video and see why. I hope you find this short video helpful. Thumbs if you like it, Subs if the video is helpful...
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    How To Attach Bolt Snaps To Your Scuba Gear with Hair Ties!

    The traditional way to attach Bolt Snaps to your Scuba gear is by using a cave line (the lines in the spool used by advanced and technical divers). This is good but an alternative and faster way is by using elastic Hair Ties - the Goody (TM) kind. Here’s a short video on how it’s done...
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    How To Fix A Leaky SPG for $4

    If you have 2 household wrenches and $4, you can fix your leaky SPG by yourself. If your SPG is in a console boot, just pop the SPG out of the boot and do the same fix. I hope this was useful to you. Thumbs if you like the video, Subs if you love it and Click the Bell and get notified of new...
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    Valve Shutdown Drill

    This is a video of my student learning how to do the valve shutdown drill in open water conditions. Not perfect with room for improvements - he is new to Tech Diving and is still learning. He completed the skill in 45 seconds. I hope this video helps other divers entering the technical diving...
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    New Halcyon Flare EXP Handheld vs Old Flare Handheld

    Halcyon recently released the new Flare EXP handheld. What’s the difference between the old and new HH Flare? The Price of the Old HH Flare is strangely much more than the new Flare EXP on EE. Light output and battery rating for both seems the same. Anyone tried the new Flare EXP? Or Should I...
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    Servicing The 1st Stage | A Closeup View Of Every Part That’s Inside | Apeks US4

    This video is about servicing the Apeks US4 first stage starting with the disassembly. Upcoming videos are Reassembly and Testing and Tuning of the Apeks US4 first Stage. Stay tuned. On YouTube, Thumbs if you like it, Subs if you love it and hit the bell to get notified when new videos are...
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    A Noisy Way To End A Dive. Is There A Better Way? Let’s Find Out.

    A simple tip to make post scuba dive chores a better experience. Check out my other YouTube videos.
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    Scuba Regulator Service | First Stage Apeks FSR XTX200 | Ep. 3 : Testing & Tuning

    This is a video on Tuning a Reassembled 1st Stage (Apeks XTX200 FSR). Videos on Disassembly and Reassembly can be found in the YT Description section of this video. Hope this helps.
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    DAN Y-40 Test on Deep Stops. Lower bubble count?

    See starting 34:07 of this video from DAN. Their Y-40 study shows that the deep stop divers have a significantly lower bubble count than shallow stop divers? I expected the opposite. What GF were the Deep and Shallow stop divers using? Sorry if this was already discussed in another thread.
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    Scuba Regulator Service | First Stage Apeks FSR XTX200 | Ep. 2 : Reassembly.

    This is the 2nd Video in a series on Scuba Regulator Servicing. It focuses on Reassembly of the 1st Stage after Disassembly and cleaning. Stay tuned for the 3rd video on Testing and Tuning the first stage after Reassembly.
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    Apeks Tech Shorts Long Term Review

    Conclusion: Not Recommended. See link below for pictures and details. Go Dive PH
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    Poseidon Mk7 Se7en. hCCR?

    Hi @RainPilot or anyone who knows about the Poseidon Mk7 Se7en. Is the Se7en a hCCR (hybrid) similar time the rEvo III hCCR or is it just eCCR? Can you run the Se7en manually and just use the electronics when needed? Does it have a CMF? It’s not clear from their materials. Thanks!
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    Hovering, Trim & SMB Deployment

    Some basic essential safety and enjoyment skills that divers should constantly practice.
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    Shearwater Computer Depth/Pressure Sensor Failure

    I have a Shearwater Petrel 2 and the Depth/Pressure Sensor failed. It reads almost 3.3 feet (1 meter) deeper than actual depth when compared to other computers or analog gauges. Also, it won’t shut off - it turns ON by itself immediately after manually turning it off. According to SW, I need...
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    Teric Compass Issue

    Prior upgrading the Teric's firmware to V09, the Teric's compass is accurate, right off the box. Even when traveling to another location, there is no need to calibrate, the Teric's compass matches the reading of a mechanical compass. I've observed this several times while traveling and was...
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    GoPro Underwater Video - Cathedral Dive Site Anilao PH

    If you go diving in the PH, don't miss the Cathedral site in Anilao Batangas. Watch it in HD 1080p for the full experience.
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    Shearwater Teric Incorrect SAC Rate & Other Issues

    I noticed that the Shearwater Teric SAC rate calculation in the Teric Log appears to be incorrect and inconsistent with the downloaded data on the Shearwater Cloud app. Example: Downloaded Data from the Teric on the SW Cloud: Start Pressure: 199.81 bar End Pressure: 55.02 bar Dive Time: 53.42...
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    Teric Review

    Over the weekend, I put the Teric through 5 dives. Below are my initial impressions: 1- Build quality: Outstanding. The craftsmanship is exceptional, the push buttons are solid with good feedback. The all black look is classy, I just hope the paint doesn’t chip off easily in rough...
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    Teric new SurfGF and old GF99

    The picture below shows the Teric displaying SurfGF and the Petrel 2 beside it is displaying GF99. Depth is in Meters and T1 is in Bar. The Teric's SurfGF is showing 62% of the unmodified M-Value. This is the surfacing GF if I surfaced immediately. The Petrel's GF99 is showing 4%. This is...