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  1. Wookie

    Taking Rescue Course and I don't think the conditions are good to dive in.

    I’m here to tell you, 4-6 means an occasional 7. You can’t safely get on and off a boat, or make a beach entry in waves over your head. I’m not saying you shouldn’t or wouldn’t want to, I’m saying you can’t. Don’t. But do go, and look it over yourself. And then make a decision after you see...
  2. Wookie

    How much should I be spending on PADI training?

    I have never gotten sick from either gas station sushi nor east river clams, not have I ever been injured or learned anything dangerous from taking or teaching a PADI course.
  3. Wookie

    How hard is the written test?

    Yes. I renewed early this last time and they renewed my STCW, advanced Firefighting, Radar and ARPA without having to take a refresher. I expect this is my last renewal as I am no longer sailing.
  4. Wookie

    How hard is the written test?

    Renewing in the grace year. Have to take a rules test.
  5. Wookie

    Tiger Beach in January

    For the number of divers that visit, TB is indeed “pretty safe”. There have been a ton of close calls/minor bites that go unreported. I have friends in this category.
  6. Wookie

    Tiger Beach in January

    And, Bimini is better hidden from big weather, is a 10 minute ride from the dock, and hammers are exponentially cooler than tigers. As well as much “safer”.
  7. Wookie

    SOLD!!! Free to a good home

    Given to a dive shop in Richmond, VA. Sorry.
  8. Wookie

    Gay colours?

    This makes me so happy. It's even better than LetterBoy in his speedo.
  9. Wookie

    Gay colours?

    This post is worthless without photos.
  10. Wookie

    Saw a new dive charter today.

    It’s fair to not dive with them again, especially after your second bad experience, but to throw out inflammatory words like negligent and stupid is a little over the top, and your report doesn’t (yet) rise to that level IMO. I have been a boat DM and an excellent liveaboard captain for 30...
  11. Wookie

    SOLD!!! Free to a good home

    I have a Little Annie resusci anne dummy with 2 faces, maybe more, and crap from when I used to teach MFA. I will send this to anyone who will pay shipping. I also have training battery and pads for the HeartStart FR2 AED, this changes your AED to a trainer. I am not giving away the AED, so...
  12. Wookie

    Two divers critical - Hawaii

    KD, the deceased was Brian Bugge, he was diving a Liberty, and he was under instruction. I don’t remember if he was mod II or Mod III. He was carrying a camera.
  13. Wookie


    Shenanigan!!! Shenanigans, I say.
  14. Wookie

    Let's say I know nothing about the Bahamas

    Bimini and Neal Watson
  15. Wookie

    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    Agreed, but here in the US (where we have to be concerned with lawsuits coming from every direction) we were required by our insurance company to have “a person of supervisory certification on the vessel to oversee all diving”. On an OC punter boat that’s a DM. On a tech boat, that’s a Tech DM...
  16. Wookie

    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    I guess you miss the point. We all know that European and UK (same thing as far as we care) divers are far superior to all other divers, but the OP is located in the US, and in the US there is a certification for technical DM. Why? Because as you rightfully point out, a DM on a punter boat...
  17. Wookie

    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    Wtf are you talking about?
  18. Wookie

    Did I get a deal or did I screw up

    +1. You did fine, and cave divers love them. I wouldn’t trade one
  19. Wookie

    Suit filed in case of "Girl dead, boy injured at Glacier National Park

    Yes, but “I think agency XXX sucks worse than Agency YYY because agency XXX requires an underwater handstand during the aquabatics portion of the shenanigans merit badge” is certainly legit.
  20. Wookie


    I have mof and pub
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