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    2022 Bonaire Roll Call

    For all of you going, wishing you all a nice and enjoyable trip. I'm jealous.
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    SOLD!!! .

    Good looking spg.
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    AI Transmitter mount

    No question is dumb to ask. Obviously, if the OP knew the answer he/she would not ask.
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    History of Altitude Diving

    Great material. Thanks for the information.
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    Nikon D500 - Can you change the aperture without using the sub-command dial?

    I have a D500 in an Ikelite Housing. I do not think you can change the aperture without using the subcommand dial.
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    Housing for my Nikon D850, is Ikelite a good choice?

    I have been using Ikelite housings for many cameras including my Nikon D300 and now my Nikon D500. They are well made and robust. If I ever needed service, the people at Ikelite were very helpful. There are other housings which are much more pricey but also very well made.
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    Trip Report First Time to Bonaire & Buddy Dive

    Thank you for your report @seth0687. What was the situation with COVID testing? The Cliff should be easily accessible from shore; there is a Dive Friends shop right there.
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    Want to Buy HP133 or HP117 Cylinder Hot Dipped Galvanized

    Looking for HP133 or HP117 tanks preferably hot-dipped galvanized in Upstate NY or within a few hours of driving. Shipping ok but costs are usually prohibitive. thanks
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    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    I use AI computer so don't carry a spare SPG hose. I dive the Hogarthian way. I carry a low-pressure hose and an adaptor I got from DGEX to convert it to an inflator hose. Having a hose failure I am covered. I don't carry a spare regulator but I test them prior to dive travel. A common...
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    Asking for a friend: SP D400/MK20 for cold water?

    I use my MK20, D400 in cold water often without any issues. It is a very reliable regulator.
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    Some COVID-19 Updates

    I don't think there is any doubt that herd immunity by the methods you mentioned will have it's intended results. Better thru immunity acquired via a vaccine than getting infected. The less host available to the virus, the sooner it's numbers will decrease significantly.
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    Long hose single tank rec setup?

    Incidentally, I've been in a situation where I had to assist divers who were out of air (regulator malfunction). We easily shared air with a 7 foot hose and it worked well. Smaller standard hose obviously works but I did not feel that I have to do alot of maneuvering to make a safe ascent to...
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    Long hose single tank rec setup?

    I am 5'8" and use a 7 foot hose without issues. If there is a dive where I do not have a light can or other object on right hip to keep the hose in check, I simply tuck it into my waist band (Bp/W).
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    Starting to dive with my daughter

    There is nothing better and more pleasurable than diving with your immediate family. Thanks for letting us all know.
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    For Sale Faber 117 new hydro south Florida

    Where are you in S Florida? You can PM me. Thank you.
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    Like it very much. Downloaded the PDF and read some of the articles.
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    XLB pacer Diagram

    I don't understand the motivation for this project? Why not invest the money into a more modern regulator? You plan on diving with the refurbished regulator?
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    CF200 Leaking dump valve

    Can you send a picture to this thread? Thanks.
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    CF200 Leaking dump valve

    Agree 100%.
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