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  1. Caveeagle

    Doing cave training in flordia and Mexico?

    haha.. what caves are you talking about ? Besides peacock, there are not very many that I would recommend to an intro level diver. Re: training in FL... I don’t hear anyone talking about being able to dive and find buddies and mentors outside of training. Spending 2-4 solid days of...
  2. Caveeagle

    Do you drink the spring water while diving?

    post consumer waste is a big issue across many industries. Believe it or not, many of the beverage manufacturers are leading in efforts towards recycling and minimizing primary and secondary packaging. I would challenge you all to take a close look at every area of your consumption and...
  3. Caveeagle

    Do you drink the spring water while diving?

    Some of y’all are making me laugh with the brash display of ignorance. I have taken a sip or two at times when I know the water is very clear and particulate is low. But really no more than to clear the parch. If the water were really all that contaminated, you are probably risking as...
  4. Caveeagle

    Musical instruments, who plays?

    I play Tuba and Trombone, but it’s been years since I made any serious effort..
  5. Caveeagle

    Two missing in Tulum

    Not in Mexico. Most of that cave has depths around 15-30’. It’s pretty safe to assume this air dome was above the water table.
  6. Caveeagle

    Nerd or Standalone computer

    maybe it’s just me, but I sort of had the opposite experience. I found the blinking patterns to sort of just ‘blend’ In as sort of visual background noise. With the Nerd2, I get a better snapshot of data at a quick glance. @tbone1004 i have thought about adapting a poseidon BOV to my...
  7. Caveeagle

    Deep 6 Regulator Service on YouTube

    Nice, I will watch these when I have a few spare minutes. I assume they will be pretty consistent with the service of a HOG D3..
  8. Caveeagle

    Not a huge fan of my GoPro

    I know I am jus a total pedestrian, when it comes to photography, but I have seen some very nice pictures coming from GoPros and some relatively simple lights. I am sure the serious photo gurus can do better but for most situations I find either a GoPro or my Paralenz do just fine.
  9. Caveeagle

    LP50 Doubles and/or Backmount Independent Doubles Accepable for ITT & AN/DP/HT?

    @tbone1004 , thanks for making my point, Marie13. It sounded to me like the weight of handling the tanks was also a consideration.
  10. Caveeagle

    LP50 Doubles and/or Backmount Independent Doubles Accepable for ITT & AN/DP/HT?

    @-JD- If you have access to 3600 overfills, then why not consider a set of Faber LP85? It’s not much, but they are lighter than HP100s.
  11. Caveeagle

    Opinions on new divers with technical setups?

    All of the popular poseidon second stages breath exactly the same regardless of how you orient them, left, right, right side up, or upside down. Regarding you share-air issue.. even without a 90* swivel, what would stop a panicking diver from putting a traditional second stage in their...
  12. Caveeagle

    Simple gauge for measuring pressures inside dive shop?

    Make sure you attach a 2nd stage or some sort of pressure relief.
  13. Caveeagle

    Opinions on new divers with technical setups?

    I hear your point, But will point your that Hogarthian cave configuration was adapted into what is now taught as DIR / GUE and seems to be the most recognized international standard for technical diving. In fact, I have seen a few US based instructors that have sort of “converted” to teaching...
  14. Caveeagle

    Opinions on new divers with technical setups?

    I was just down in W.Palm for some recreational diving. Here is my single tank, ow setup. Nothing special.. just a steel backplate with a Dive Rite harness and a basic wing. I like a pair of trim pockets on the waist and another on the upper tank band. I am 6’2” and 270.. and with a 5/6mm...
  15. Caveeagle

    Opinions on new divers with technical setups?

    Not sure why you seem to be making this an “US vs Europe” thing.. but I know there are several US based divers here that are probably doing 2-5+ technical dives in a typical week.. so if you were poking at someone specific.. it sure seemed like too much of a general snipe.
  16. Caveeagle

    Opinions on new divers with technical setups?

    Nothing at all wrong with that. Better to learn to dive with the correct gear from the start. I would suggest a 5’ hose for the primary on single tank dives. It’s a little easier to deal with on a boat.
  17. Caveeagle

    Any suggestions for US diving, possibly fresh ?

    Head down to North Florida. We have several springs you can dive that are 72* year round. Rainbow river is a fun drift dive. Some other “open water” options are: Alexander springs, crystal river, king spring, blue grotto, Ginnie Springs.
  18. Caveeagle

    Faber LP72 Value???

    I have seen these type mid pressure tanks a couple times. They are a little heavier. They would make ok sidemount tanks for drysuit diving, or CCR bailout with helium.
  19. Caveeagle

    Faber LP72 Value???

    Where are you at? I agree, they look like LP50s.
  20. Caveeagle

    Have you ever been refused to be allowed to dive?

    Well, sort of.. we had planned a dive trip to west palm with me and my two daughters, who are both AOW. The trip had required AOW+Nitrox due to the expected dive profiles. Sort of last minute, my younger son wanted to go who was just OW+nitrox. They initially said “No”, but after talking...
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