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    A Scuba Diving Instructor Salary Explained - How much do Dive Instructors earn?

    Everybody knows the real money is in fencing the bets for those activities.
  2. Saniflush

    Shark Cage Diving? Not for me!!!

    See here now, Jaws is a heartwarming story about a shark giving people arms and long as you watch it in reverse.
  3. Saniflush


    Thank you for the heads up. Sure things will probably change a hundred times between now and then but we are due to be there in February and like to stay abreast of the current situation.
  4. Saniflush

    Trip Report Follow up = First Trip to Bahamas

    Glad you enjoyed it. There are better sites around the world but at the end of the day it is hard to beat the Bahamas especially for newer divers. Warm clear water and little to no current. Mrs Flush and I have been quite a few times and in two weeks we are taking Saniflush 2.0 and 2.1 who...
  5. Saniflush

    New Dive Buddies

    Got a couple of new dive buddies a few weeks ago. My son (11) and daughter (13) joined our ranks. They were champs in the pool and on open water dives.
  6. Saniflush

    Booked our First Dive trip to Roatan and staying at Coco View Resort for 2 weeks in July.

    The only thing I will chime in, is that I am jealous.
  7. Saniflush

    Cancelled/postponed trips due to COVID - please share your outcomes

    Where are you trying to get one? We have them all over the place here in Georgia if you don't mind a drive or flight.
  8. Saniflush

    Ranking of Scuba Specialty courses

    Nitrox, Navigation, Self Reliant.
  9. Saniflush

    For Sale Perdix, Suunto, Aqualung Computers, Analyzers

    I assume neither of the Perdix computers are AI?
  10. Saniflush

    Spiegel Grove - Special Visitor Earlier This Week

    Super jealous!
  11. Saniflush

    Booked !

    We have booked the Adventurer for Feb 2022.
  12. Saniflush

    SOLD!!! Sold sold sold

    Let me know if the sale doesn't go through
  13. Saniflush

    Perdix AI Stolen

    Thank you for the knowledge. I will alert Shearwater as well concerning this one. Got me thinking though. Obviously , none of these manufacturers keep a clearing house of reported stolen computers. I wonder if it would serve any purpose to set one up ourselves so someone buying used gear...
  14. Saniflush

    Perdix AI Stolen

    Was not mine...well not exactly true. Originally was mine but had sold to my sister a year ago. Stolen out of checked luggage at Miami international airport before the flight to Atlanta a couple of months ago. I know, I know. She just realized it when I asked her to break it out for me to...
  15. Saniflush

    ScubaBoard - The new dive club?

    So @Capt Jim Wyatt made a statement in another thread about the great thing about Scubaboard was that there were so many people that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with others. I completely agree and it's one of the reasons why I have enjoyed it here as much as what I...
  16. Saniflush


    Yea we have pulled the trigger on the the Raja Ampat/Misool 12dya trip in February 2022
  17. Saniflush

    Dive boat sinks in Philippines because of typhoon.

    Was that their boat or a boat under their brand? Terrible either way.
  18. Saniflush

    Multiple deaths diving off NC coast May 10, 2020?

    Or freeflow it and take your breaths that way. I'm with you @tridacna , I will find a way to get my breaths!
  19. Saniflush

    Who "Fails" Open Water Scuba Certification and why

    @TMHeimer I completely get what you are saying and I respect that you strongly believe that 10 is too young to certify but if we are going to go by the reasoning that you and some others have brought up of them not being able to rescue their dive buddy/parent/professional if something...
  20. Saniflush

    Dive Insurance for Discover Scuba

    That would just be liability correct? I think think he was talking about medical.
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