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  1. ScubaBunga

    GET YOUR DM AND/OR IDC FOR FREE in exchange for work

    It is an "internship". It's been a very long time since I did something like that and mine was a paid internship. But a lot of them are unpaid and all you get is experience. So it doesn't sound like a bad deal. Not something I could manage these days (maybe at retirement), but if you are...
  2. ScubaBunga

    1/2in NPS valve required for 72

    I ended up with ordering some 115 size that are working great.
  3. ScubaBunga

    Ebay O-Ring kit quality?

    In "most" cases you will probably be fine. I never found a kit that had the sizes I wanted without lots of extra sizes I didn't need. I've been ordering from the oring store - (it seems either they are changing their website or it's having issues today). I end up with LOTS of the sizes I...
  4. ScubaBunga

    Storing steel tanks without valves on them

    I'd keep them inside (as dry a place as possible) out of as much humidity as possible. Other than that, what everyone else said.
  5. ScubaBunga

    scubapro mk25 turret up or down...

    I only have mk10’s but had my dad’s steel 72s with post ( I ) valves. These would not allow the turret down, so I’ve always had mine “up”. Every time I used to take my regs in for service I’d have to take them apart and redo the hoses as they would come back down. Either way works.
  6. ScubaBunga

    Eyes Open or Closed while performing the Mask Clearing Skills?

    exactly - I've worn contacts for 30+ years now and been diving since '94 - couldn't see without them, so keep the eyes closed until water is cleared.
  7. ScubaBunga

    a person with blue eyes and tropical diving

    as others have said, floppy hat and polarized sun glasses and/or really dark ones. I had some from a tech convention that were surprisingly really dark - and cheap so I was not concerned with losing or damaging them. Issue with wearing mask on boat (without hat) is the nice mask face sunburn -...
  8. ScubaBunga

    WtF: The Decline in Scuba Participation

    I always feel this is a double edged sword. I personally have loved diving for a long time even before I was certified (Cousteau fan growing up). But some days I wish fewer people would be diving on the reefs and wrecks as I've seen many divers crash into the reefs, poke at the fish, etc. I...
  9. ScubaBunga

    Which VIP course?

    The recert class was basically the same but abbreviated class focused on updates. For me, it was a good refresher to ensure I had remembered all right stuff. After 3 years of doing my own VIP's it was also a different perspective in the class, I had different questions to ask. All my tanks...
  10. ScubaBunga

    Nitrogen narcosis

    I would bet a lot more people are narced than they think and just never notice or realize the signs. I had an instructor that never went below 90' as she would get a bit of a buzz feeling. Myself, I've never found out I missed something but when I'm at 120' or so I do realize my reactions are...
  11. ScubaBunga

    Divers with Service Dogs.

    Hope you can get the training and find diving enjoyable. I don’t have a boat (hopefully just yet), and sorry to hear about Smokey but if I did, a service animal would be welcome on board. I’ve only known a few people with them but they are always the best animals (and owners). Best of luck in...
  12. ScubaBunga

    Aluminum Oxide Tumbling Chips

    ha I don’t use old nuts but when I collected a lot of construction scraps, I cut up a lot of nails and it makes great media. Only used for dry tumbling though as the bare metal nails rust fast if they get wet.
  13. ScubaBunga

    SOLD!!! SOLD - Steel LP72 - Current Hydro +, 3/21 VIS, Rebuilt Valve, Air - $95

    It’s not my word. It’s a documented process to determine a ree. I don’t have the process but it was discussed elsewhere on this board. I’m also not a hydro tester, just happy some still do the work to plus my tanks. And I didn’t say they could use the Norris numbers, just that they are...
  14. ScubaBunga

    SOLD!!! SOLD - Steel LP72 - Current Hydro +, 3/21 VIS, Rebuilt Valve, Air - $95

    There are other threads on here on how to use a set of tanks to work out a REE for even these older tanks. So with some sample tanks the values can be worked out and then used ongoing. I'm assuming though that these hydro places just have the info somewhere. The PST document is still found...
  15. ScubaBunga

    SOLD!!! SOLD - Steel LP72 - Current Hydro +, 3/21 VIS, Rebuilt Valve, Air - $95

    I have plenty of these for me and my boys but was happy to see another + stamp on an old '72!! It took me years to find a place that would do that! I now haul my tanks 3 hours (there's diving there so not a lost trip) to drop off my tanks for hydro. That's a nice clean looking Norris.
  16. ScubaBunga

    Curaçao Dive Shop

    dive bus was great for me and my two boys in 2019. They have tanks and weights and good info on the dive sites. Pick up tanks the night before, dive in morning and swap tanks later in the day. Nice and easy way to shore dive around the island.
  17. ScubaBunga

    Used Scuba gear

    Used gear is fun, but I bought all new when I first started ('94) as I didn't know anything to judge used gear. I've bought several sets (reg sets and BC's for both my boys and a couple spares), but I bought what I knew and serviced myself already. As other's have recommended, talk to your LDS...
  18. ScubaBunga

    Scuba Diving Couple Saying Goodbye to 2020 with a kiss underwater

    Wife no longer dives (ear issues) but loved it when she did, good competent buddy. Both boys are not certified so new buddies. They are still new and only 13/16 and I love diving with them - and they are competent and aware. But it still freaks me out if I lose visibility of them as the uber...
  19. ScubaBunga

    Want to Buy weight mould

    Check out this: weight moulds I have not ordered from Leo darmitz but probably will before spring. His molds look good.
  20. ScubaBunga

    What is the hardest thing about scuba diving?

    $$$$$$$ is the hardest part.
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