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    Brinyte DIV10 "3000 Lumen" Canister light Review

    Contact Brinye directly and get a price quote . I got mine for $388 + express shipping $63 got one dive light and the other a video light I have not gotten it wet yet hope to with in the next week. got both heads but will only use one at a time . I was told that I could not buy light heads...
  2. krawlings

    How many exposure suits does it take?

    Two words DRY SUITE !!! A dry suite will help you cover a large range of thermal changes in your diving through the entire year and depths you could hit . You will then need to adjust your thermal layers to account for the temps you will encounter on the particular dive . a lot of ranges can...
  3. krawlings

    New diver regs and BP/W setup!!!! Looking for advice and recommendation

    All listed are all good choices . As for the adapter it give more stability to the tank and adds 1lb of weight. I would say that if you get the din keep in mind if you do a lot of diving / travel . there are a lot of Charters and shops that only have the yoke style ,so that could be a problem...
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    Mares Icon HD - $225

    is it a multi gas how much to ship to Atlanta Ga.30044
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    New type of regulator designed for e-cig users

    And any how thank you all for yalls opinion and honesty I don't plan on quiting creating stuff u knever know maybe I'll figure out how creat a diving mask with built in see throu holographic digital displays of depth and psi meater and compas and all that stuff that u have in a dive computer put...
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    New type of regulator designed for e-cig users

    You are kidding RIGHT ?? IMHO If you can not go with out a smoke / E-cig for an entire dive, you should rethink diving . But then it is your life
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    Seeking alternative to boots and booties

    +1 I do not pay the hight price of ALSTARS though .I go to Walmart and by there $8 dollar canvas shoe work great wet or dry and you can't beat the price
  8. krawlings

    Is a 5mm wetsuit okay to use.....

    I would say yes . I dive a 5mil off Pompano Beach and am fine ,If I get a little warm I would just flush some fresh water into the suit though the neck. If you do multiple dives a day it will help you keep your core temp. You will all so have to keep in mind that every one feels hot and cold...
  9. krawlings

    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls

    THANK YOU jimw
  10. krawlings

    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls

    I shot some video this past May at the Blue Heron Bridge .And have this short video if this little critter and can not find what it is . could someone help me out ? All so sorry for how much I am moving the camera thought I was a lot stabler than that .
  11. krawlings

    Diving after a stroke

    I would STRONGLY suggest that you call DAN (1-800-446-2671 NON-EMERGENCIES 1-919-684-9111 EMERGENCY HOT LINE) You can ask them for information and you can all so find a Doctor in your area that is a dive savvy doctor . and then I would make an appointment to see him and be checked out and...
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    Faber Tanks

    The Faber is on the second chart under it I cut and pasted it out here nal Capacity Service pressure, psi Actual air capacity, cu. Ft. (at +10%) Outer diameter, in Length without valve, in Empty weight, lbs Buoyancy Empty, lbs (w/valve) Buoyancy Full, lbs (w/valve) fABER100 3180 +10%...
  13. krawlings

    Faber Tanks

    HERE IS SOME SPEC. CHARTS SO YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE. As far as I can see it is there Buoyancy characteristics Description X-Series 65 X-Series 80 X-Series 100 X-Series 120 X-Series 119 X-Series 130 Model X7-65...
  14. krawlings

    Very detailed SM S-drills video

    vary nicely done Thank You for sharing
  15. krawlings

    What's a "badass" diver?

    To me I would say a BADASS diver would be . A diver that has his trim nailed , can hold a stop in any condition with minimal to no movement .Has strong fining skills. Uses the right kick at right time a BADASS Diver would add back into the DIVE INDUSTRY . . He would share all his knowledge...
  16. krawlings

    Did I make a mistake regarding proper procedure? No safety stop after 1 min at depth.

    I am surprised that no one has even mentioned this . He left his buddy at depth assuming it was same as 1st dive 50' "I start my second dive. Right when me and my buddy get to depth, I remember that I forgot something and returned to the surface."
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    New Ventura County, CA Diver

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