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  1. Scuba_Aaron

    Stupid Question Alert

    @Mike1967 Usually when descending the ears pressurize and when ascending the ears might crackle when pressure is relieved, mine do but, YMMV.
  2. Scuba_Aaron

    IP Question - ScubaPro MK25 / MK17

    There's a lot of questions to be asked here. Are you testing/adjusting these yourself? What kind of tools or diagnostic equipment are you using? Do you have the adjustment/repair procedures for these particular stages?
  3. Scuba_Aaron

    Dry suit questions

    Round are easier to use if you have a integrated seal system but a pullover glove would work with both an oval or round system.
  4. Scuba_Aaron

    Duck dive descent?

    Don't really care for an aggressive descent, I like it nice an easy. :)
  5. Scuba_Aaron

    Dry suit questions

    I second the DRIS option. They put silicone seals in my pinnacle and stand behind their work.
  6. Scuba_Aaron

    Opinions on an SMS75?

    I have it and love it. Mostly diving dry with LP85's.
  7. Scuba_Aaron

    DIY wing tutorial - very picture heavy.

    I have used HH-66 on some drysuit repairs and it does work.
  8. Scuba_Aaron

    Zeagle Express Tech for sidemount?

    I tried converting a BP/W to a SM and failed miserably. I eventually bought a Hollis SMS75 and kept the BP/W as a BM. If you're serious enough about SM, get a proper rig if taking this on yourself, so you can concentrate on learning SM. It will be a hell of a lot easier on you.
  9. Scuba_Aaron

    Safety margin of backplate/ wing if drysuit floods or other problems ?

    I cringe every time someone mentions using the suit for buoyancy. As a dry suit diver, you should be able to manage the dry suit and the wing.
  10. Scuba_Aaron

    How dangerous is this ?

    I use to use a mallet too and have moved to a small tighten with wrench now as well.
  11. Scuba_Aaron

    How dangerous is this ?

    Ahhh, the dry bleed. Can't tell you how many people come up to me saying my first stage is leaking after a dive.
  12. Scuba_Aaron

    Italian woman dead on Mozambique reef

    Given the extreme current and the possibly older age of the diver, maybe a medical condition?
  13. Scuba_Aaron

    Slippery Slope - Doing my own ScubaPro Maintenance

    @aalbert, it looks that your IP is about right on with repeated tests.
  14. Scuba_Aaron

    Slippery Slope - Doing my own ScubaPro Maintenance

    I do my own repair on aqualung and dive rite first stage and second stage adjustment with a manual that works great in the details in how to perform the techniques in servicing.
  15. Scuba_Aaron

    Slippery Slope - Doing my own ScubaPro Maintenance

    Nice job @aalbert a majority of repairs are taking things apart and inspecting them for service.
  16. Scuba_Aaron

    Cave Fills on LP tanks

    I would be apprehensive about filling this, hyrdo date, vis date?
  17. Scuba_Aaron

    directing valves inside (to the chest)?

    @Caveeagle Cool! I don't see much SM in the midwest quarries I frequent, there are a few, but with what you said I feel better about approaching cave training with the setup I have. :)
  18. Scuba_Aaron

    DUI vs Aqualung Fusion Drysuits

    Don't know about pantyhose but I do have to wiggle a bit to get things feelin' right. :)
  19. Scuba_Aaron

    Drysuit Repairs

    I have had my drysuit repaired through DRIS and can't say enough good things about the job, thanks DRIS!
  20. Scuba_Aaron

    directing valves inside (to the chest)?

    Why so hostile? I was just saying to those who are concerned about 1st stages down should feel ok with this in restriction less environments.
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