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    I have used GAP for awhile, tried out V-planner but my tech instructor used GAP so that was the one I went with. You can check it out here Thanks, Gary
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    Looking for divers to Ginny Springs Feb 19 or 20th 2010

    I want to thank Dive-Aholic for taking time out to call me with some suggestions on where to go. We normally do quarry dives, but I don't really feel like breaking ice to do check outs. We will be working in Blue Grotto for the check outs with a dive at Ginnie also. We don't do ocean dives...
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    Looking for divers to Ginny Springs Feb 19 or 20th 2010

    Thanks for the quick response Dive-Aholic. Sent you a PM. Gary
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    Looking for divers to Ginny Springs Feb 19 or 20th 2010

    I have heard that instructors check out open water certs at Ginnie, where else in the area do instructors take their students for check outs besides Ginnie? Just curious. Thanks, Gary
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    Diving schools/ instructor suggestions for Open Water Certification

    It would help to know what area they are looking in, we have a shop in Harford County that has a pool onsite and can do private lessons as needed. Can you tell us where your friend will be? Thanks, Gary
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    HEADS UP - Leisure Pro illegally using copyrighted images

    I know a lady that had a website and when folks stole her map images in which she designed herself, she would send a Cease and Desist letter and a bill for damages. She won nearly every time. Maybe you should consider the same. Gary
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    Passed the PADI IE Today

    Great Job on your accomplishments. Gary
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    *Doubles* LP 104's

    Have you sold these yet? If not, I might be interested.. Gary
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    A Cape Hatteras Summer - Part 1

    Great Video, hopefully; I will get good enough to do video. Thanks for sharing... Gary
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    New Years Day Diving @ Guppy Gulch (Free)

    I will be up there, not sure about the diving part. See you all there. Gary
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    Hello There

    We are doing a New Years day dive at Guppy Gulch if you want to try out one of our famous quarry's. We will start about 11:00 or so, and have hot dogs and coffee. Let me know if your interested. Gary
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    Cruise with Celebrity Mercury from Balt.

    Celebrity is coming to Baltimore, and as avid cruisers, we are putting together a trip for November 2009. Anyone interested please visit: Cruise Flyer for more information. Thanks,
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    Blackbeard's Sail/Dive Feb 21-28

    I don't believe they have nitrox on Blackbeards. Get more information from: Bahamas scuba diving liveaboard Blackbeard's Cruises Thanks,
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    BCD recommendations

    I agree with kadleck, there is nothing worse than buying a BCD only to find out later that you would be happier with a different one.
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    I saw this commercial last night "Be a Diver"

    You can't have everything.... :D
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    I saw this commercial last night "Be a Diver"

    That was a really good piece, hope it helps.
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    Disappointed with other divers

    This probably isnt just located in your community, it happens all over. Problem is there are folks who don't care about others, only themselves. Have faith, there are more good than bad, I honestly have to believe that.
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    Lake Rawlings Customer Service

    The whole world can see the issues except those who work at Rawlings, glad I don't have to go to that quarry...
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    Hatteras aug 24

    Some people have no consideration for others...
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