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    50 Completed Dives!!!

    Congratulations :bounce:
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    Women and everything being heavy in scuba diving

    I view it as a fun activity. I use steel doubles and the weight has never made me think twice. My other hobby, mountain snowmobiling, is much more challenging weight wise, and I definiately am at a disadvantage being a bit smaller. It takes much more effort for me to move the machine when I'm...
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    Shearwater im not happy at all

    I think a good lesson would be to go back to the place you bought it. You likely would have gotten a new computer the same day if you went back to the store and said "hey this is a lemon, just opened it up and doesn't work, Id like to exchange for a new one". Then the store would be able to send...
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    Shearwater im not happy at all

    It probably shows in transit because this past weekend was a long weekend for both Canada and the US ( not sure where are located). I have something coming through UPS right now and it's been showing as in transit and not updated since last Friday. I'm not worried because it was a big holiday...
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    According to My Bank, Bonaire Does Not Exist

    When I went to Bonaire a couple years ago my bank also only had Netherlands Antilles and I asked whether it will still work and they said it would because it was still in their system as Netherlands Antilles. My cards all worked in Bonaire! Although that might not mean anything because I've...
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    Newbie equipment list.

    I love the Light and Motion sola lights! My husband has a sola 800 with the interchangeable flood and spot option. It is really nice and I use it when I don't feel like bringing my can light. I use sola 8000 video pro lights for my video camera and they are great. Light and Motion has really...
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    How Did You Find Your First Scuba Class?

    I had just started my first career type job after graduating university and a girl I worked with wanted to get her OW for her upcoming trip to Mexico. She didn't want to take the class alone so asked me if I wanted to do it with her. I had always wanted to dive but was too poor and also didn't...
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    Wet suits and dry suits

    Wow that is awesome, you are so lucky to be ok wearing a wetsuit in those temps! I'm so wussy that I wore a 5mm in Truk Lagoon. I'm diving in the Great Lakes in July and I will for sure be wearing my drysuit. I'm jealous
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    Guadalupe Islands Shark cage diving?

    No we went to the same spot as the other boats! It was very smooth and calm once we got there
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    Guadalupe Islands Shark cage diving?

    I want to add a few more things.... Looks like the Solmar V only has one submersible cage so you might not be getting more cage time vs the Explorer which has two submersible cages and both boats hold about the same amount of people. Belle Amie has 3 submersible cages but more people so I would...
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    Guadalupe Islands Shark cage diving?

    I've only been on the Explorer and it's a great boat. The Belle Amie looks more luxurious... but not sure I'd want to be on it in the case of rough seas. Maybe it's more stable in smaller waves but the shape of the hull means it can't go as fast in rough seas. This is just what the captain...
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    Dive gear retail on Bonaire

    I really like "Your Scuba Store" in Bonaire. I had a broken mask and I was chilly so I bought a mask and thicker wetsuit there. The people there are really helpful and nice and the prices were similar to back home. They had a huge selection of wetsuits of all thicknesses. I don't remember...
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    Have to pee.....wearing a drysuit

    I love my She-P!!!!
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    Reef friendly sunscreen and hair products

    I'm really glad to hear positive things about it! I never put in leave in conditioner before I dive because of the possible impact to the water and just deal with the horrible tangle later. My hair is so long that even with braids it takes me forever to untangle... I'm definitely going to try...
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    Reef friendly sunscreen and hair products

    The brand Stream2sea has safe leave in conditioner! I haven't tried it though so not sure if it works, but I've been meaning to
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    Going next week? Tips?

    I normally don't like pizza, but captain don's has amazing pizza! You should try it! My fav restaurant in Bonaire is "It Rains Fishes" but it's a bit on the pricey side. I wouldn't waste luggage space by bringing food from the USA, the grocery stores are not that expensive. I bring all my own...
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    Question for PADI Divemasters and Instructors

    Yes it is a personal opinion which is why I said I "personally think". Sorry you don't want my opinion and different view on a message board. I thought that was the whole point. I didn't assume anything or present anything as a fact or one fits all solution - just my opinion and I don't...
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    Question for PADI Divemasters and Instructors

    You are definitely over thinking this! Not the same thing as telling you not to worry, because it's a good thing to put thought into your training. I'm pretty sure what people are meaning is that you are making things way more complicated than they need to be. Find an instructor you get along...
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    My Bucket List

    Congratulations on beginning to dive! I'm sure you will enjoy it, it's my favourite thing to do. I laughed at this part of your post because I was just on a dive trip and my husband was trying to explain what 'wussy' meant to someone and used the common (but crappy) phrase of "girly or like a...
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    questions about vaccines

    It's a malaria prophylactic. It's a combo of two drugs, I had to look it up because it's been a long time, atovaquone and proguanil. I don't know if it would have another trade name in other countries, it's Malarone in Canada. Another plus is that you only have to start it a day or two before...
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