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    Malarone and difficulty equalising middle ear pressure?

    The purpose of this post is to find out if anybody else has suffered the inability to equalise their middle ear when flying or diving, in the first few days of taking the antimalarial; Malarone And to suggest that it may be an undocumented side effect. I therefore apologise if the following...
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    Aquatec Mask Pocket - Advice please

    Does anybody here dive with the Aquatec Mask Pocket? Do you use it purely to keep a spare mask? Could it fit a spare reel? or small safety stop reel/dsmb aswell; would it even be advisable to complicate/overfill...
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    Turtle Cavern/Tomb and TDI/IANTD Cavern in Sipidan

    Is there a TDI training faciltiy or instructor in/around Sipidan that is recommended. I will be visiting in August and have yet to book with anyone yet, but don't wish to leave it too late in order to secure a permit or two. In particular I have been recommended to dive Turtle Tomb and would...
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    The struggle for short, stiff, weighty fins for female feet

    I am interested in those of you ladies that dive stiffish, shortish, heavyish fins. Or, if you dive something else, how you find the level of control, and whether the extra length is noticeable... it was to me before I switched. Borrowing/trying on a range of fins within the already small...
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    X Shorts or glue on pockets?

    Have any women here ever tried pocket shorts such as: Scuba diving X-Shorts w/ cargo pockets for acc. XLarge | eBay Highland by XS-Scuba 2mm Super Stretch Neoprene Pocket Shorts I recently used the DiveRite thigh pocket, which clips onto the waist band. I found that it continually moved...