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  1. dvrliz1

    Need dive op recommendations for roatan cruise trip

    My sister Barb is going on a cruise and will stop in Roatan in March 2012. She is an experienced advance open water diver, as is her friend. She is taking a cruise on Norweign and usually books her excursions direct before she leaves for a cruise, she says its cheaper. Who would you all...
  2. dvrliz1

    Update on gri & liz

    Herman, thanks, I will talk to Liz, I see you live in Raleigh. Liz will be going to Duke for her surgeries. I/We may need a short term rental for a few months. Liz will be in the hospital for 2 surgeries, probably 10 days to 2 weeks, then she will need to be close to the hospital for the...
  3. dvrliz1

    Update on gri & liz

    Hi. This is Ed. I am not too good with computers, but Liz asked me to let everyone know what is going on. She is not doing to good. We have to go back to the US for her surgery. She has to have about 3 or more surgeries to correct problems from surgeries she has had before. She will...
  4. dvrliz1

    Bonaire airport closing evenings 13 feb - 27 mar 2011

    For those of you who are making connections in Curacao Sunday - Thursday, you need to check with your airline you are using between Curacao and Bonaire, particularly DUTCH ANTILLES EXPRESS AND INSEL. The Bonaire Airport will be closed at night, so no incoming flights. Not sure what they are...
  5. dvrliz1

    GRI still open?

    Hey all, just an update..... Well, in about 10 days heading back to the states for proper medical care. My physician, who is like a brother, and who come to Bonaire often to dive said enough is enough.... I will be in NC for a little more than a week for tests and treatments, etc. Ed and I...
  6. dvrliz1

    GRI still open?

    Thanks all. Still sleeping most of the day and night. Amazing, its impossible to keep my eyes open, never experienced this before. My body knows best. Going to try and tackle emails tomorrow and over the weekend.....
  7. dvrliz1

    GRI still open?

    Hi Guys! Unfortunately I have been again in the hospital. Just got out today. Unfortunately medical problems still persist for me. I appreciate all the patience, and as you know it is not like me, but I have been very sick. Ed and I will be making a determination in the next month as to what...
  8. dvrliz1

    Long Term Accomodation Curacao or Bonaire

    Try the "Dive Bus" in Curacao...I think Suzy and Mark can help you out....Also, when are you coming to Bonaire? I may have a studio apartment that would work for you.
  9. dvrliz1

    Bonaire Board meeting.

    the 17th may be doable, but not later, we are leaving to go back to the US for Thanksgiving on the 20th....won't return until the 27th.....Stop by and see me while you are here....
  10. dvrliz1

    Moving to a new country for SCUBA

    Whoo-hoo...We are expats living on Bonaire........don't know that we would work...we have a great story, but good luck!
  11. dvrliz1


    Jersey et al, Actually, most places like Karel's Bar, Mona Lisa, the Balashi Bar at Divi, Captain Don's and many other places offer happy hour where it is buy one get one free or for example, you get get a beer for 2.50 naf, which is $1.25 or so...can't beat that.....
  12. dvrliz1

    November weather

    DG, No, the rain from the night does not mess up vis. The only time vis is low (like the past couple of days) is when the seas are rough. Some of our divers aborted a dive yesterday, but today, it was much better. They said once you get out to the reef and get to about 40 feet, vis was...
  13. dvrliz1

    Bonaire in 9 days!!

    Probie..... Things are just fine! We have been having quite a bit of rain, though. Don't think it will affect you as a diver (it never does me!) The only time the dive shops close down or suggest not diving is if there is heavy thunder or lighting. I only saw this 2 x last year, each for...
  14. dvrliz1

    November weather

    Skook..... Nope, it does not rain every day on Bonaire in November. We are an arrid island, so our idea of rain is a 15 minute down pour at night. November is the beginning of the traditional "rainy season", (as I said our idea of rain is a quick downpour at night, once in a while), though...
  15. dvrliz1

    Need some help in Bonaire

    I would check with your dive shop to see if they have one....
  16. dvrliz1

    Airport Tax News in Bonaire

    Here again is the explanation. It is my understanding they will continue with the "alternative" procedure, if needed (and apparently it will be since you all have already purchased your tickets for next year)...
  17. dvrliz1

    Bonaire Sept 11-18

    Andy, they turned it into a "Scuba Store".
  18. dvrliz1

    Construction Begins on Interim Waste Water Plant on Bonaire!!!

    This was announced yesterday on The Bonaire Insider, The Bonaire Insider - The latest independent tourism news from the Caribbean island of Bonaire - Home Page Sunday, September 19th, 2010 was a landmark day for Bonaire’s reefs, as construction began on a new (interim) waste water treatment...
  19. dvrliz1

    Bonaire Sept 11-18

    What we REALLY need here is a good American style Bakery, you know with things like great cookies, cakes, eclaires, etc. The breads here are great, but I would love a great US bakery... who knows, maybe my next career....I make a MEAN Key Lime Cheesecake, Walnut brownies and strawberry short...
  20. dvrliz1

    New about bonaire airport departure tax

    Hello All! Those of you that purchase your airline tickets on or after 1 October 2010, you will see a small increase in price. The reason for this is that effect 1 October 2010 the Airport Departure tax WILL be included in the price of the ticket. YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY AT THE...