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  1. Kingsley Zissou

    First Liveaboard (Blackbeards) - What to expect?

    The short answer is yes, you will get to try to shoot fish with the slings. I say try because it is not as easy as it they make it look. I went on the Pirate Lady in October. I did not personally stick any fish (not for lack of trying) but I did get to assist them in the water. We brought...
  2. Kingsley Zissou

    First Liveaboard (Blackbeards) - What to expect?

    Hi Rachel! We had so much fun with you guys. Can't wait to do it again :D
  3. Kingsley Zissou

    First Liveaboard (Blackbeards) - What to expect?

    Pirates Lady. Kingsley Zissou (a.k.a. Rod)
  4. Kingsley Zissou

    First Liveaboard (Blackbeards) - What to expect?

    I just saw the boats from the dock. There is a big spray bottle marked defog on the deck of each. :-)
  5. Kingsley Zissou

    Blackbeards Roll-Call Oct 16th-22nd

    Greetings Greg Glad to see another board member making the trip. I thought we booked at the last minute, but you got us beat by a mile. I just finished packing 5 minutes ago. We hit Nassau about 2:30 tomorrow (as long as Paula plays nice). Travel safe and we will keep an eye out for you on...
  6. Kingsley Zissou

    First Liveaboard (Blackbeards) - What to expect?

    Greetings Masenmag Welcome to Scubaboard! My friend and I are also sailing with blackbeards this weekend. We don't know which boat, but maybe we'll run into you guys.
  7. Kingsley Zissou

    Blackbeards Roll-Call Oct 16th-22nd

    Greetings All Is anyone here sailing with Blackbeards next Saturday (Oct 16th)? My friend and I finally pulled the trigger and booked with Blackbeards last week. Gotta love last minute plans. :-) We are super excited as this will be the first liveaboard either of us have done. So I...
  8. Kingsley Zissou

    Key West, FL Diving?

    +1 for Bonsai Divers I dive with them everytime I am on the island and I have never been disappointed. Captain Peter is very nice to work with and will go out of his way to make sure you have a good experience.
  9. Kingsley Zissou

    Atomic M1, Dive Rite Nomad and more...

    Greetings Is the red primary reel in your pics also for sale? Also interested in the fins. I wear a size 13 topside. Do you think the XL will fit? :-)
  10. Kingsley Zissou

    Swapping gauges

    Greetings all. I am about to swap my bulky console for a used brass & glass w/hose that I recently picked up here on SB. I will be removing the console (hose and all) from the first stage and replacing it with the B&G SPG and the hose that came with it. I have not removed or replaced any...
  11. Kingsley Zissou

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome to the board and congrats on your cert!:D Always nice to see a fellow show-me stater. My wife and I are out in St Charles county. We have been certified for about a year and have had so much fun diving together. Have fun in Boca. I have heard good things about the diving there.
  12. Kingsley Zissou

    Key West Dive Operator Recommendations?

    You can head north about 25 miles to Looe Key Divers (on Ramrod Key). They do 3 tank trips out to Looe Key reef for what most are charging for 2 tanks. Looe key reef IMO is a big a step up from the KW reefs. We had a great time there with lots of critters big and small. I really like there boat...
  13. Kingsley Zissou

    Scuba Podcasts

    Greetings all. What scuba podcasts are you listening to these days? Like most of you I look forward to the the scubaboard podcast coming back some day (fingers crossed). Until then, I have been going through all the scuba related podcasts on iTunes to get my fix. I have gone through the...
  14. Kingsley Zissou

    Best way to clean a dive slate?

    +1 for the magic eraser. Works better than anything else I have found and can be used under water.
  15. Kingsley Zissou

    Oriskany Dive 6-10-09

    Almost... Me and the missus will be diving the Oriskany on the 7th with Down Under. This will be our first trip to the Oriskany and we are really looking forward to it. Any pointers for someone making their first dives on the Big O? :)
  16. Kingsley Zissou

    Video from the Vandenberg

    I am officially jealous! Thanks for the video and pics. I can't wait for more pics videos and dive reports to start showing up.
  17. Kingsley Zissou

    Single on a BP/W w/o a STA

    Just a quick follow up: I decided to go with the STA. It is rock solid and keeps the tank square on the backplate.
  18. Kingsley Zissou

    Here she comes....Vandenberg!!!

    She's down!!!!!!!
  19. Kingsley Zissou

    Here she comes....Vandenberg!!!

    US 1 Radio is streaming live from the site. If you can't watch, you can listen. US1 Radio The Florida Keys Most Listened to Station, Key West, Big Pine Key and Marathon