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  1. runsongas

    For Sale mares mr12 navy and beta octo (1st + 2 2nds)

    comes with hoses. should be serviced before use. can include dacor plastic spg if desired. $60, located in south bay. willing to ship if buyer covers cost.
  2. runsongas

    For Sale parkway triple gauge console

    spg/depth/compass consoles, 40 each. located in south bay, willing to ship if buyer covers cost. edit: one still available
  3. runsongas

    Want to Buy Long steel backplate

    looking for long steel backplate >17 inches long and ideally over 17.5 inches
  4. runsongas

    oddball regulator ID

    maybe early sherwood?
  5. runsongas

    okinawa questions

    is mid to late february a reasonable time to dive for a few days? or is the weather bad enough it would be hit or miss? may be in japan for a few extra days and debating whether a side trip to okinawa is worth the time and effort or just go down to kyoto/osaka
  6. runsongas

    For Sale oxycheq small aluminum BP - blem $70

    NESS has some oxycheq small BPs available for the shorties Oxycheq Aluminum Backplate - Small Size - Blem
  7. runsongas

    Amron Intl Viking Drysuit Sale

    Figured this might be of interest select sizes of Viking Pro from 1288 Viking PRO 1050 g/m2 Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit with Latex Neck Seal select sizes of Viking HD from 1338 Viking HD Heavy Duty 1550 g/m2 Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit with Safety Boots and Desco Yoke
  8. runsongas

    WTB Banjo Fitting

    Checking here if anyone has a banjo fitting for a RAM they don't mind selling before I head over to scuba museum
  9. runsongas

    watoom cyano dive computer

    has anyone tried one of these? the feature list doesn't seem terrible even if it is limited to one gas and 100m max depth. Watoom CYANO Nitrox
  10. runsongas

    gearbest blocked?

    Can't seem to post a link in one of my threads to gearbest. Are they blocked for some reason?
  11. runsongas

    No Name Chinese Dive/Video Light Roundup

    My evolva were just not cutting it and I spotted two new types of video lights on aliexpress in october. I actually think they turned out pretty decent on my trip in november, so I figured I would try and measure their output. While I was at it, I measured my old chinese lights for comparison...
  12. runsongas

    genesis pro fins

    they look like a skinnier version of the dive rites. anybody know if they are closer to neutral or negatively buoyant?
  13. runsongas

    single tank sidemount

    Saw this on the Aggressor website: Sidemount diving - Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has diving cylinders mounted alongside the diver, below the shoulders and along the hips, instead of on the back of the diver. For logistical reasons, the Aggressor Fleet® will only...
  14. runsongas

    asahi special permit 12079 renewed

    just a heads up for any owners of asahi special permit steel tanks
  15. runsongas

    found light at monastery

    if you lost a light at monastery, message me. i believe it should have been fairly recently as it still had a charge and turned on.
  16. runsongas

    Found dive light at monastery, Carmel ca

    If you lost a light at monastery, please message with specifics (eg model, identifying markings, any other unique features) to claim. I believe it should have been lost fairly recently as the battery is still holding a charge.
  17. runsongas

    vintage lp50s

    is there any reason to dive the older 1800 psi 3aa tanks over more modern tanks other than nostalgia? they seem to be heavier, fatter, and more positively buoyant than the more modern 2400 psi faber lp50. i was expecting them to be lighter considering the lower service pressure
  18. runsongas

    For Sale Palantic AS105 DIN with adjustable second stage, new

    New in box 120+shipping obo Scuba Diving Palantic AS105 DIN Regulator Adjustable Second Stage w/ 27" Hose Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  19. runsongas

    For Sale GoPro Hero, L&M Sidekick Duo, Dive Arm

    Bought a Hero4 Silver so selling my old setup GoPro and Dive Arm used on 2 trips. Sidekick Duo is new, packaging opened to check that it worked. the dive arm is getting a bit loose and i couldn't find the hex wrench. gopro has some light scratches on lens. asking 190+7.20 for priority mail...
  20. runsongas

    For Sale older SP/US Divers regs, 7 inch bands, inflators, gauges

    going through some of the gear i have accumulated and don't plan on using. regs should be serviced before use. asking prices below. Let me know your zip for shipping estimate. SP mk5, 5 port, thin yoke - $15 SP mk200 yoke - $15 US Divers Conshelf XIV yoke - $20 US Divers Calypso yoke 1st stage...
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