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  1. Angelo Farina

    New world record for under-ice swimming

    See this young lady in Russia. She did break the previous record, swimming 85 meters under ice..
  2. Angelo Farina

    For Sale Trident A166 vintage DIN conversion kit for SP regulators

    I have got two new DIN conversion kits from Trident, Model A166: they should fit old SP regulators such as MK10 and MK15. They are an almost identical copy of Scubapro part # 10-400-030, which is shown here: Here the Trident catalog for this A166 model: Here a couple of photos of the real...
  3. Angelo Farina

    Full face masks for COVID-19 therapy

    An Italian medical doctor, with the help of a 3D printing workshop, managed to adapt full face snorkelling masks to be used for forced ventilation of patients with Covid-19: DIY respirators to save lifes in the COVID crisis It’s working!
  4. Angelo Farina

    Italian-made traveller's wing: Fly Tech

    Well, it appears that here in Italy we have two companies producing two conceptually-similar BCDs, both with the same name, Fly Tech. These are wings already equipped with harness, which can be used also without a backplate (but it can also be used, if wanted). Of course for travelling better to...
  5. Angelo Farina

    One or Two first stages?

    I am servicing the whole number of regs of my family (4 divers), and I would like to setup at least two complete setups in an "advanced" configuration more or less adhering to GUE/DIR recommendations. I was always in favour of the concept of "donate the primary". When I and my wife were working...
  6. Angelo Farina

    Scubapro DIN conversion kits: 200 vs 300

    I have just purchased the DIN conversion kit for my "almost vintage" Scubapro MK15 1st stage, originally equipped with a 3000 PSI Yoke. This is the Ebay auction I won, for SP part no. 10.045.020: KIT DIN SCUBAPRO 200BAR 10.045.020 | eBay Now, I see that SP also manufactured a very similar...
  7. Angelo Farina

    Scubapro mod. 129

    I found this left-handed second stage on the Scubapro Catalogue 1977: So anyone have an hint to where could I purchase one (used)? It would be very useful in many cases (twin bottles, on a pony, for side-mounting, etc.). I...
  8. Angelo Farina

    Finally here.... 44 years after my first dive!

    I started in 1975, when I was 16. Arrived here probably by chance, while searching info on service parts for the regulator I did buy at that time, a Scubapro MK5, which did serve me all these years. I finished my historical supply of parts for it, and now I have some problems finding some...
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