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    Apeks 1st stage diaphragm clamp leaks

    My recent experience is that one of the more common failure points in Apeks 1st stages (DST, DS4, US4) is that leaks appear between the 1st stage body and diaphragm clamp (AP1473). I have experienced this with several regulators approaching their recommended 2 year service interval. The...
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    HP splitter service?

    Has anyone taken apart one of these? How does it disassemble? Are there user servicable parts like orings inside and what are their sizes? A swiveling HP splitter
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    Heating Pelagic MH8A (Shearwater) transmitter

    Today I had conncetion issues with one of my wireless transmitters. When changing battery for troubleshooting I noticed the whole transmitter was running hot (almost burning hot), especially the CR2 battery when I removed it. Curiously, with a new battery it seems to work normally for two...
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    Apeks XL4+ service kit?

    Can someone with access to current information confirm which Apeks service kit is used with XL4+ (DB4 with two HP ports) first stage? Does it share the same kit with DS4 and DST?
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    Tribolube 71 for loop and DSV?

    Is Tribolube 71 significantly better than silicone grease for DSV and loop o-ring lubrication? I have DSV annual maintenance approaching and wonder is it worth ordering some now.
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    Bavaria Fun II by IDE compressors??

    I am considering a small compressor. Any comments or first hand experience on Bavaria Fun II by IDE compressors? How does it compare to other units in the same class. I am specifically looking for a small output unit I could use for cfm trimix filling rebreather diluent and occasional 80cf...
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    DIN o-rings

    I have an oxygen whip with a blown DIN o-ring on the receiving cylinder fitting. I have really hard time figuring out the correct size for this o-ring. It is somewhere between 111 and 112, optimally probably thinner than those. 111 does seal when carefully tightened but pops out easily. What...
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    Sitech Orust

    It might order a new drysuit soon... Any first hand experiences with the (relatively new) Sitech Orust neck system? Is it as good and reliable as the previous Quickneck but with more flexibility?
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    Boot Dusseldorf rebreather news?

    Can someone at the boot show share some news here? At least Mares/rEvo has released a new SCR(?) unit. Any other intersting news?
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    Cool film - Dive Odyssey

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    Rebreather friendly dive center in the Canary Islands

    This might belong to geographical subforum, but I decided to post here to get more rebreather specific exposure. Feel free to move this post to more appropriate subforum. I am planning a vacation in Canary islands with non diving family members. Do you know of any good dive centers that can...
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    Petrel2 bluetooth connection problems

    I am having bluetooth connection problems with my Petrel2 (Divecan JJ-CCR model). I am trying to use the Android Shearwater cloud app to download dive information from the computer without success. The Petrel pairs with my phone (OnePlus5) and I am able to download the dive list but...
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    Oxygen clean MH8A transmitters (Shearwater compatible) with different transmit intervals

    I would like to use two transmitters with my Perdix AI, one for 100% oxygen and another for a lean mix. (Oxygen and diluent...) Shearwater says their branded transmitters are not suitable for >40% oxygen. The Aqualung is the only one I can see advertised as oxygen clean. Aqualung is also less...
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    A (stupid) gas blending question

    I am wondering how gas mixtures behave in cascades or during transfilling. If I connect two cylinders containing different mixes with a short 3ft decanting hose, how long it will take before gas mixtures equilibriate? Or if doubles are filled with different mixtures and manifold opened?
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    Planning software feature

    Currently using Subsurface to plan dives, but I am looking for a feature it seems to lack. I'd like to set maximum deco time to 15 min with one deco gas (according to my certification level) and have the software calculate bottom time and possibly optimal gases for the dive? Does any...
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    Toric contact lenses for diving

    Anyone who is using toric contact lenses for diving? Can you share your experience? I have relatively high astigmatism and quite happy with my prescription masks but after reading a lot of comments suggesting contact lenses for diving I decided I should give a try. Which lens brand and type...
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    Future Apeks models

    Anyone heard any rumors about future Apeks models? Now after MTX-R and especially XL4 it would be logical to see an upgraded DST. Already this year?
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    Freediving masks for scuba?

    Are there any drawbacks in using freediving style ultra low volume masks for scuba diving? I am thinking that a low volume dual lens freediving mask could make a beatiful prescription mask as the lens area is smaller.
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    Santi E-Motion durability

    Trying to decide between Santi models. I am tempted to choose E-Motion due to it's light weight, but there must be a reason they have introduced E-Motion plus and E-Lite with stronger fabrics. I would like to hear first hand experience on Santi E-Motion durability!
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    HOG classic vs HOG classic Octo

    A quick question, I could not figure this out from manufacturer web pages. Are the HOG Classic 2nd stage and HOG Classic Octo 2nd stage identical internally?
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