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    SOLD!!! Shearwater Predator - ***SOLD***

    Have a used Shearwater Predator for sale - Works Great and is in Great Shape. Asking $500 obo.
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    SOLD!!! SOLD Poseidon Doubles Set-Up

    Set-up Includes: 1x JetStream Second Stage 1x 3960 First Stage 1x Xstream Second Stage 1x Xstream First Stage 1x 1.5” Dive Rite Gauge 1x 8ft Rubber Hose 2x Hoses (drysuit, LP inflator) Regs used 98% fresh water - maybe 20 dives salt on each. Just serviced. In Excellent shape. Asking $1000...
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    Lost Aqualung i770R Maui

    Was testing out a brand new Aqualung i770R on Thursday September 27th 2018 and well the computer went missing. This was at Makena Landing in South Maui. Believe it fell off in surf on exit. Found a screw inside carry case so suspect strap issues. I have Serial Number to verify and have...
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    For Sale Apexs Black Pearl

    Have For Sale: 1 --> Like New Apeks Black Pearl (ATX200) --> First Stage and Primary Throwing in an Aqualung ABS Low Profile Octo. This regulator seriously only has 6 dives on it and was just recently overhauled so as to be in optimum condition when sold. The regulator...
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    Wireless Transmitter For Sale - Hollis, Aeris, Oceanic and Tusa

    Selling a Like New Hollis Wireless Transmitter that has never been used. I tested the pairing of the transmitter so I know it works - I just have never used it. Works with all current: Hollis, Oceanic, Aeris and Tusa Air Integrated Computers (Hose less) Asking $250.
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    Hollis TX1 with Wireless Transmitter

    I am selling a brand new - never used Hollis TX1 with a Wireless Receiver. Computer has never been used as I received this computer from our supplier as a replacement for a DG05 that I had been experiencing a number of issues with. As the DG05 was discontinued the supplier offered me a TX1 in...
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    Shore Dives Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

    Hey, Going to be there in just over a months time and was wondering if anyone has tried any shore dives from this resort? Thanks Dallas
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    UK AquaSun eLED

    I am selling a very lightly used Underwater Kinetics AquaSun eLED rechargeable dive light. Light was for my wife, however she does not like night diving unfortunately and will not be using it anymore. Light comes with both pistol and lantern grip. Asking $100 obo.
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    Hollis LED6 Torch

    Have a Hollis LED6 torch for sale. Used a handful of times, 99% in fresh water. Light works great, I just have too many lights and need to cut down on the number I have. Asking $100.
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    Hollis DG05 w/Wireless Transmitter

    I am selling a Hollis DG05 with a wireless transmitter. I bought this computer a little while back and unfortunately was unable to use it until recently when I tested it out in Roatan. Computer works great, just not exactly what I am looking for right now. Asking $1000 for both the computer...
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    UK AquaSun eLED Rechargeable Dive Light

    Lightly used Dive Light - This is a great Primary Light and is in Great Shape. Color: Black Specs: See Here -> Asking $150, will accept Reasonable offers.
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    Shore Diving -> Coco View vs Anthony Key

    Hey Everyone, I know there have been a number of discussions over the years in regards to these two resorts. I was just wondering peoples opinions on which place has the better shore dives? I have heard that there are an unlimited number of shore dives allowed at Coco any time of the day...
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    Hollis DG05 - Brand New Never Used

    Selling a Brand New Never Used Hollis DG05. Brought computer into shop was recalled shortly after arriving for firmware update. Has not been out of box, since returned. Includes wireless transmitter. The DG05 is the About the DG05 - this is a new computer just out within the last few...
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    Ostc mk2/2n

    Looking for either New or Used OSTC MK2 or 2N. Know they are hard to get in North America. DThomas
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    Whites Pro Series Drysuit Underwear

    Selling a Never Used - Whites Pro Series Undergarment. Came with Drysuit Purchase, however as I am very warm blooded have never worn as this would be overkill. Not sure exact sizing - fits: Height = 5' 11'' Inseam = 31" Weight at time of purchase -> 310. Asking $150 + Shipping
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    Bare BlackWing w/AirSource - XXL

    Selling a XXL Bare Blackwing BC. BC is in Excellent Condition - less than 1 year old with a moderate number of dives. Has only ever been in fresh water - No salt water diving with this BC. Inflator has been replaced with an older series Seaquest Airsource. Airsource has been checked recently...
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    Cat Ppalu - April 29th-May 6th - Divers Needed

    Get in One More Warm Water Trip Before Dive Season Begins Again Seeking Divers for a trip on the Cat Ppalu - April 29th to May 6th. Looking for divers, whether Certified or just needing to finish Check-Out Dives Cost: $2495 / person (Taxes Included) Price Includes - Return...
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