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  1. Adam Grose

    Underwater inflatable habitat "Спрут" (Kraken) 1967 (RUS)

    Wow.... That's interesting. Thanks for sharing it!
  2. Adam Grose


    Stop it. ;)
  3. Adam Grose

    Korean instructor gets two years for groping underwater

    "It was the oddest thing.... his face just kept hitting my fist." ;)
  4. Adam Grose

    Korean instructor gets two years for groping underwater

    If it was one of my nieces, he would need an undertaker.
  5. Adam Grose

    My journey towards the three stars (3*)

    Poor Baby..... such a rough life. ;)
  6. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    Speaking of unacceptable instructor behavior. ;)
  7. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    I am just surprise that the father let him get away with it....
  8. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    Definitely NOT!!! There is no excuse for belittling ANYONE.... especially a 12 year old.
  9. Adam Grose

    Rough Waters Keep Diveheart Team Gounded...But not for long!

    Sorry to hear the team got grounded.... but well done for finding an alternate plan!!
  10. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    Yes.... In my own case, during my original OW training (disclaimer... this is more an equipment issue that instructor behavior). My (shop owned) regulator did not feel quite right. It had a bit of wiggle to it. I ignored what my instincts were telling me and proceeded with the dive.Well at...
  11. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    That is true. As has been said many times on here.... there are both good and bad instructors. What I am saying is that the student needs to trust his instincts.... sometimes you just KNOW that something is wrong.
  12. Adam Grose

    Regulator in carry on baggage, anyone had any issues at security?

    Had the TSA guys (and gals) in San Diego give my regs a very thorough inspection coming home the first time (the Tucson TSA team, oddly enough didn't get too worked up about them). Once I explained what the regs were, and how they are used, TSA was OK with them.
  13. Adam Grose

    Unacceptable Instructor Behaviors...

    Under "Safety", I would add that the student ABSOLUTELY has the right to call off a dive if they feel that there is something that could endanger their health or safety.
  14. Adam Grose

    Open pools in Tucson?

    72 Aquatics is pretty good about letting you get in the pool, Just give em a call.
  15. Adam Grose

    Finally got Certified!

    Wow!! You got a two-fer!!! Congratulations, and WELCOME to the diving world!
  16. Adam Grose

    Controlling and reducing air consumption

    This SOUNDS counter intuitive.... but it is absolutely true. Worrying about your AC will probably make it go UP.
  17. Adam Grose

    AAA batteries

    Agreed.... this is a GREAT example of how divers go out of their way to help each other out!!
  18. Adam Grose

    NAUI offers OW and EANx combo course

    When I took the SSI Nitrox course (took it as a separate specialty), It was just a matter of sitting down with an instructor, going thru the course materials (pretty quick review, actually), and analyzing the contents of a Nitrox tank. That was it. no dives required.Can't remember what the cost...
  19. Adam Grose

    Two New Adaptive Divers get by with a Little Help from Their Friends...

    Awesome, Jim!!! I don't even mind you swiping the title from the Beatles (too much, anyway) ;) Adam Grose
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