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  1. cyklon_300

    Utila Dive Centre (Bay Islands)

  2. cyklon_300

    Fs: Pst E8-130

    SeaElite 300-bar DIN H-valve, tank boot. Current VIP, orig hydro 2003. Would prefer to sell locally (AUS area). $335.
  3. cyklon_300

    Travis - Sunday 4/09

    Excellent weather today, lots of swimmers, tanners, picnickers. Curiously, we were the only divers on the public side of WP tho...Barstow side was busy as usual. Encouraged by previous vis reports of 20-25', we found isolated areas of 12-15'. Vis below 75' degraded quickly to murk. Best...
  4. cyklon_300

    Will Sherwood rubber valve knobs

    fit an OMS manifold?
  5. cyklon_300

    JB last weekend

    Anyone on the board happen to be (or know) the two OW divers spotted penetrating past the 400' marker in Jackson Blue last Sunday? The following public service message is for these individuals: "Please refrain from diving in caves without the proper equipment and requisite training. We...
  6. cyklon_300

    Travis conditions - 2/26

    Surface temp 55F, @100' 54F Vis 0-30' - crappy 30-70' - crappier 70-100+' - crappy-ish The weather was nice tho.
  7. cyklon_300

    Jacob's Well being purchased

    Article in today's local rag... AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Wednesday, January 04, 2006 A little more than five years ago, Jacob's Well, a natural spring that is the chief source for the creek that runs through Wimberley, went dry for the first time in recorded history. Hoping to stave off...
  8. cyklon_300

    Paging Dr Mom

    ok, so I'm celebrating NY with a nice bout of the flu or a cold or whatever it is (runny eyes, sneezing, coughing, sinus congestion, achy)...of course, it's a weekend and going to my physician isn't an option until Monday. (I won't do a doc-in-the-box because the last one almost gave me a case...
  9. cyklon_300

    U/W light found at WP (LCRA Bob Wentz)

    If you recently lost a light, PM me with the brand, model, color and I'll return it to ya...
  10. cyklon_300

    Depth of sailboat - Barstow's WP

    There is a sunken sailboat on the private side (Barstow's) at Windy Point. I believe it is a Benneton 28 (?). Anyone have a current depth reading for it?
  11. cyklon_300

    More basics...kicks

    Since the board can't seem to get enough of the 'classic' threads (snorkels yes/no?, mask on forehead?, etc, etc, etc.) here's another for the Best Hits compilation... If you only use a flutter kick, do you ever look behind you to see if your disturbing the bottom? If you do look and see...
  12. cyklon_300

    Geyer Bank trip report - 8/6

    Diving from the SeaSearcher II, 16 divers visited Geyer Bank this weekend. The trip was somewhat unique in that it offered an opportunity for nine qualified divers to utilize Extended Range (i.e., trimix and decompression) techniques. Altho two dives were scheduled at Geyer, only one was...
  13. cyklon_300

    Need vis report

    for >120' at Windy Point...if anyone has a recent estimate, I'd appreciate the info. I'm guessing it's ~1-3', but a personal observation would be useful. TIA
  14. cyklon_300

    Utila Dive Centre (Bay Islands)

    Anyone used this shop for BOW instruction? I have a friend who would like to know if they offer a quality course.
  15. cyklon_300

    Travis 2/13 - WP and Mansfield

    The road into Windy Point was gated and locked this morning, prohibiting access to the parking lot at the point. The ranger at Mansfield did not know any reasons for the restricted access. Conditions at the dam were unchanged from previous visits. 54F, 2+' vis to 110'. And to the...
  16. cyklon_300

    Lake Travis conditions - 12/31

    If you're planning a New Year's Day dive, here's a report from Mansfield today... vis 2-2.5' / 57F at 85'
  17. cyklon_300

    Lake Travis conditions

    Went by the lake Sat. to see how the recent rains have affected things... The ranger station at Mansfield has a NO swimming/diving sign posted, but it's not being enforced as long as you acknowledge you were warned not to dive. Water resembles chocolate milk and is above the second landing at...
  18. cyklon_300

    Need feedback on

    Located in Ballston Spa, NY... anyone used them for online purchases? Good or bad experience?
  19. cyklon_300

    Integrated weight holder found @ Mansfield

    Found a weight pocket for an integrated system today about 25 yards north of the metal stairs at Mansfield... There were several divers from Tiger Shark Scuba (?) in the water just before my dive, it may belong to someone with that group. If you'd like to claim it, PM me with a description.
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