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  1. navychop

    Broken switch - Shockwave, Mii

    You guys are good are replacing parts, but I have replaced the inside plastic switches on my Shockwave, Mini etc so many times it is frustrating. They always crack right where the screw goes into the bottom part of the switch. Could a more durable material with perhaps some rubber be used? I...
  2. navychop

    Celebrity Summit from San Juan April 21 2012

    3 couples on this cruise, 4 of us are divers. St Croix St Kitts St Thomas Dominca Grenada Anybody else with us? Rich Austin TX
  3. navychop

    Holland America Eurodam Nov 19, 2011 to Grand Turk, St Thomas

    Anybody else going? Not planning on diving Half Moon Cay or San Juan, PR. Looking to dive St John this time, dove with Admiralty in St. Thomas. Any recommendations for Grand Turk or St John?
  4. navychop

    Celebrity Summit Bermuda Cruise June 26, 2011

    Any other divers on this voyage? Pierside at King's Wharf for 3 days. Any recommendations for day/night dives and dive OPS?
  5. navychop

    BCD- mine "lost" at Mansfield Dam

    Last Wed, Aug 25th during late afternoon evening dive. Large group of people there. Seaquest BCD- Gray/Blue color, cumberbund with a "not really" waist strap, older BCD. Anybody find it?
  6. navychop

    Carnival Victory Feb 27 - Mar 6 2011 dive ops?

    Sailing from San Juan- anybody else on the ship? Looking for dive Ops recommendations, I'm a NAUI Instructor and traveling with dive buddy Advanced Open water/Nitrox. FUN diving, not teaching Ports: St Thomas Dominica- dove in Nov with Aldive, they were great Barbados St Lucia- Scuba...
  7. navychop

    Oak Hill Scuba Windy Point Sat. 8A.M. Dive June 19th

    Hey guys and gals, we'll be doing a Oak Hill Scuba dive team dive this Saturday June 19th at Windy Point. Richard said that if we bring bags to clean up trash while we dive, then we get in for FREE! Let's have fun and clean up our local dive park at the same time. We plan to meet there at 8am...
  8. navychop

    San Marcos River dive Sat Feb 27

    Looking to enter the water just south of Aquarena Drive and drift down to Rio Vista Dam – 555 Cheatham Street. Is that the best place to exit? Any information appreciated.
  9. navychop

    Comal river dive Sat Feb 06- advice ??

    After all the rains, does anybody have recommendations on a good location for this weekend or vis reports. Any help greatly appreciated
  10. navychop

    Lake Travis LDS news

    Hurray for Mack. Oakhill Scuba is updating their website, the class schedule of open water diver is posted. Become a fan of their Facebook page. I have a feeling an awesome dive club is in the works. Who wants to go diving?
  11. navychop

    TSD shirts available where?

    :dork2: Where can I get one ? Austin? In Lake Travis today, 68-70, 5mm suit was fine today.
  12. navychop

    Heard of Technisub steel tanks??

    A few for sale in my area. The valve is very "different" looking. From Europe.
  13. navychop

    Scubapro R109 overhaul- what parts/kit?

    Help needed (still). LDS takes my R109 second stage and with other helpful advice, gets a G250 kit. They take it apart and say none of the parts match. This was original purchase, not abused and I have a new first stage diaphragm to go with it. What is needed? Pleeeeease help :D...
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