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  1. bl6394

    Suit Filed against Bonne Terre Mine / West End

    I hope that the public does not loose access to the site. Will be interesting to follow this case:
  2. bl6394

    Andrea Doria and Trip Insurance

    A questions related to charters and trip insurance. Seemed like the travel forum was the right place. I chartered a spot to dive the Andrea Doria in July. For those that don't know - this is one of the riskier activities that one can engage in. The wreck in 90 miles out in the Atlantic - so...
  3. bl6394

    Trip Insurance

    Question about trip insurance on a charter / liveaboard: I booked a charter to wreck off of the Eastern coast of the US. Charter is a liveaboard. Wreck is about 90 miles offshore. Charter was for 2.5 days - with up to five opportunities to dive (morning one, afternoon one, morning two...
  4. bl6394

    WTS (2) Worthington LP 95's

    Two Worthington LP 95's born in 2005 - excellent condition. Recent hydro / vis: 04/15. Thermo Convertible (Pro) Valves. Asking $450 OBO. For pickup in St. Louis, MO. (Or Mermett Springs in May).
  5. bl6394

    WTB O2 Clean Haskel Booster

    First choice would be a used Haskel AGT 15/30. A "gently" used Haskel Minibooster would be an option too. PM me if you have any available. Thanks.
  6. bl6394

    WTB Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Looking for an L&R Quantrex 140. Thanks, Bjorn
  7. bl6394

    WTB DUI XM450 Jumpsuit XL

    Let me know if you have one to sell. Regards, Bjorn
  8. bl6394

    Luxfer LP 14CF Argon Cylinder

    Looking for a LP 14 Luxfer Cylinder in good condition (prefer in vis / hydo with DIN valve). PM me if you have something fitting the bill. Thanks, Bjorn
  9. bl6394

    Dive Rite Transpac or Small Backplate

    Looking for a BP / W solution for a smaller person. Either the Transpac or a small backplate would work - with the Transpac being my preference either the small or x small size. Please PM me if you have something. Thanks, Bjorn
  10. bl6394

    Diving Bull Shoals

    I'll be down in Mountain View, Arkansas next weekend - and was thinking of diving Bull Shoals. Not going to rent a boat - so will need to find some shore diving options. I was looking to get a few deeper dives ( 130' - 150') while I was there. Reading online - it looks like there may be...
  11. bl6394

    Mares Nemo Air Computer

    Clearing out my recreational kit: 2009 Mares Nemo Air Computer with Compas and Drak USB Interface. $250 OBO + Shipping Bjorn
  12. bl6394

    For Sale: 2 Mares Proton Metal Regulators

    Clearing out my recreational kit that doesn't see much use anymore. 2 Mares Proton Metal Regulators (O2 Cleaned and serviced in November 2011). Each is MR42T First Stage, Proton Metal Second Stage. Purchased in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Dove less than 100 times in fresh water. Setup for...
  13. bl6394

    Intro to Cave Class with Ed Pavey - Looking for a Second Student

    At the September NSS-CDS workshop - I bought an (IANTD) Intro to Cave Class for Two with Ed Pavey at Ozark Dive Shop in Poplar Bluff, MO in a silent auction. I paid $300 for the item; (class for 2 retails for $800) If you're cavern certified - and looking for the class - your half would be...
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