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  1. TTPaws

    At what age did you switch to the rebreather? (From OC)

    Although I selected over 60, it was more like 59 1/2 :eyebrow: I learned to dive in my late 40s but had so many things going on as I worked up to recreational instructor. I took my Tec40/45/AN/DP mostly to get more time at medium depths (say 100 ft), but then I heard about the magic of Helium...
  2. TTPaws

    Learning the TG-6

    Again that was just the example I could find. I think I paid $20 for the tray, $20 for the arm mounted trigger, $5 or so for the rails and maybe 5 for the clamps. I did buy my strobe from Backscatter and they shipped it like the minute they got the order and I got it in like 4 days (to the USVI...
  3. TTPaws

    Learning the TG-6

    The PT-58 does seem to be the same as the PT-59 other then the color. I have had my TG-6 under 4 times in the old case with no issues. Since I had a sealife before (old style) but I didn't like the lock in for their connect system, so I went with the Ball Adapter Ys Mount Light Arm Bracket...
  4. TTPaws

    Learning the TG-6

    Highhats can be a pain to time correctly, they move pretty quick :D I just picked up the Inon Z-330 Type 2 and it's first dive will be tomorrow's night dive at the Frederiksted Pier. I keep my TG-6 in a PT-58 case, just in case I want to go deeper and a place to hold my lights. Nitescuba ( a...
  5. TTPaws

    Best USVI diving

    I will say that I enjoyed diving St Croix so much we bought a house and live here full time.
  6. TTPaws

    Securing Camera during Shore Entries

    When I lived in the states I ensured my old camera with a state farm personal property plan. The wording says it covers flooding, but I'm not sure we defined flooding the same way. Luckily I didn't have to put it to the test.
  7. TTPaws

    CCR trained… still diving OC?

    I dive OC only when teaching a class (like OW or AOW) or when my lid is in for servicing. I have an APD and I will even dive it on recreational profiles (~50 minutes, 60 FSW depending on the boat). I will even dive my rebreather when I dive the Frederiksted pier @ max depth 45 FSW. The ability...
  8. TTPaws

    TG-5 won't turn on

    All three batteries are Olympus LI-92B, however I went ahead and bought qa TG-6, so this weekend I'll try that battery to see if that is the problem. It is interesting that when I take one out of the charger (green lights) and put it in and hook up the USB cable I don't get the orange dot by the...
  9. TTPaws

    TG-5 won't turn on

    I dive with the TG-5 in the PT-058 housing and make sure that everything is dry before removing the camera from the housing. On the last dive I got an error with the memory card. I had taken some pictures topside with no problem. But once I go in the water I got the error. I figured that maybe...
  10. TTPaws

    Want to Buy Olympus TG-5 or TG-6

    Sorry I wasn't clear, in your post you said that you had checked prices at "used, from a leading online photo store" and I was just asking if you could tell me who sells used equipment online.
  11. TTPaws

    Want to Buy Olympus TG-5 or TG-6

    Would you mind telling me who has used underwater photo equipment, please?
  12. TTPaws

    Key Largo Accomodations- Early December

    The last 2 trips down, I stayed at the hampton inn in homestead florida. It was about a 20 minute drive, but it was significantly cheaper and the amenities were great.
  13. TTPaws

    Searching for the best quarry dive in USA

    It would work, only if they can figure a way to filter the flow (runoff) from the working quarry side. It had SO much mud it was hard to dive. Juturna Springs, which I dove the first year it was open, seems to have everything they need to to open next year. It is too bad that I won't be able...
  14. TTPaws

    AP Inspiration VS. JJ CCR

    I don't have any experience with the JJ or have I ever dove with someone diving them so I can't compare them. I do really like my inspo, but I did get the 'travel tube' from silent diving so I could use 3 ltr bottles, which with the yellow/black box I couldn't. I have just over a hundred hours...
  15. TTPaws

    AP Inspiration VS. JJ CCR

    For some reason I thought that my APD 1st stages were APEX, unfortunately I'm not at home, but I thought they like the UST. The repair documents sure seem pretty close.
  16. TTPaws

    Video light SL980 adapter

    Hey all, I have an SL980 video light. This is the 3 bulb one before they came out the seadragon series, It has slot for a u-shaped bracket plugs into. Well the rest of Sealife equipment has been moved on except for this and since it still works I was thinking of finding an adapter so I could...
  17. TTPaws

    I am a Shipwreck addict! Best Caribbean wrecks?

    There are a few PARs on the Northwest coast of St Croix (out of Butler Bay). At least one boat does the dive, although I do it as a surface swim and then deco on the way back.
  18. TTPaws

    I am a Shipwreck addict! Best Caribbean wrecks?

    Sorry, as much as I loved diving the wrecks in that stretch it was NEVER a 3mm. In August I never wore less then a 7mm, I think I saw 72 F one year. Now that I am acclimated to the USVIs I'll probably have to dive my drysuit in August :rofl3:
  19. TTPaws

    Trip Report St. Croix trip report July 2021

    Sorry, I don't have kids, but the two facebook pages that focus on the island have had discussions lately that seem to say they are pretty good, if you search for St. Croix, 00820 USVI or St.Croix, 00840 USVI you could ask there. But stand by to catch some crap over using private schools versus...
  20. TTPaws

    Saint Croix.....First Time Thoughts

    Here is a site I use to figure out when I can't dive the pier: Cruise Ship Schedule as you can see they go to CB a lot. Nice write up.
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