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    Blue Heron Bridge Fishing

    I disagree. You are sooo completely off base. You (and I) have the right to engage in (big boy) activities that are potentially harmful or dangerous. We have a right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. If swimming under the ocean or climbing steep rocks or flying experimental aircraft...
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    Anti-Fogging Treatments for New Masks. (a comparison of techniques)

    Does the mask contain enough off gassing paste to stink up the house with ammonia smell, or does it seem innocuous?
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    This is really not surprising at all. As described in the article, the source of the problem is mixed signals from the eyes and the ears. If you are looking out at big seas and paying attention and seeing what is going on and actively "riding the waves" and moving your head and body to...
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    Weight and Trim help

    Being two pounds heavy is not a problem. Keeping all your weight (only 4-6 lbs) on your belly hanging below you, will be the best thing you can do for stability and offsetting a roll. it might not be the best for trim (tipping forward and back), but to me, rolling is more distracting. For...
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    Anyone else order the GoPro 10?

    I've been unable to edit my GP-10 videos on my computer.
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    Beer raised from a ship wreck in Arctic Ocean

    cool video... but.. you should have taken the tools to open the box,,opened it underwater and taken 2 bottles, hammered it back shut and repeat every 6 months or so.
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    What is this creature?

    snail eggs..
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    Places with little to no current

    learning to use one of the smaller new scooters, might be an alternative.
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    HERO 10 Black: WARNING!

    oh damn; yeah now that I look at the video on a big screen the resolution sux. so I am back to nowhere.
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    HERO 10 Black: WARNING!

    Well it is Sunday and Sunday is a good day for confessions, right? My video editing software seems to work fine with one little trick. Not sure I completely understand all of this, but when the hero 10 records a video, it makes 3 separate files for each clip. They all have the same name...
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    BHB on Undercurrent

    The boat appears to be located almost immediately adjacent to pillings, a dock and slips, all of which would seem to indicate that the occurrence of boat traffic would be a reasonable expectation for this immediate area. I'm unsure why this seems so controversial to some...
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    Proper buoyancy with no lead

    I prefer a lighter aluminum plate and carrying lead on a weightbelt, so I can drop lead in an emergency. That option is very important to me, maybe less so to others, but certainly something to consider.
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    Proper buoyancy with no lead

    should be great, as long as you do not want the option of using heavier - more negative tanks -especially in freshwater. In saltwater, you may need to add 4-5 lbs -if you use an aluminum 80, which should not be a problem.
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    Decompression Stop Guidelines - What we have to do if got deco alert?

    Any computer that does not supply the current NDC limits before diving or between dives (on the surface) is something that would be unacceptable to me. I rarely use that feature myself, since I generally have a pretty good feel for the limits, but NOT having it when I wanted it would be a huge...
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    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    So a tech dive is any dive that could turn into a tech dive should unforeseen circumstances arise? That's an interesting take on the issue.
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    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    That is an important distinction. If you sling your pony, and have the second stage appropriately constrained by a bungi on the pony bottle, then there should be near zero chance that you will confuse a regulator coming from the pony versus one coming from the primary tank. In this scenario...
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    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    I'm the opposite. I like a gear solution, especially if we both have ponies. Makes the dive so much more peaceful and relaxed knowing either of us can go up on our own back up. Sorta like diving in 20 feet of water with a competent buddy (versus 100 ft), you just have less to worry about.
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    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    yes definitely. The plan might be to stand up, swim like hell, drop lead, look for a buddy or something else, but there definitely should be a plan.
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    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    yeah but it will get you to the surface... isn't that the idea?
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    Trip Report There be monsters in Pensacola waters

    How can you tell it is a female? I think it looks more like a male, but hard to tell from the picture. It is easier determine when they get a good bit larger. That size lobster is very good eating. In fact, the "head" and legs and antennae bases all have considerable meat (probably more...
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