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  1. Sam Miller III

    Sam Miller III: ScubaBoard's first "Scuba Legend"

    @BoundForElsewhere _____________________________________________________ Honors are bestowed Titles are earned but we are all just a bunch of lousey divers ...........
  2. Sam Miller III

    Sam Miller III: ScubaBoard's first "Scuba Legend"

    @Marie 13 reminded me You've got fiores and earth quakes .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fires are in the large forest--- 300 miles north Earth quakes last a millli-second Chicago snow & sleet last 6 months
  3. Sam Miller III

    Sam Miller III: ScubaBoard's first "Scuba Legend"

    @jonhall stated 'I think it's important to note that Sam did begin his life as a Hoosier!! Happy Birthday Sam! "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jon Once a Hoosier always a Hoosier ! But After 70 plus years an Avocado. Eating, Prune Picking true blue Kalifornian No snow...
  4. Sam Miller III

    For Sale Shipwreck scene on custom steel tank bell.

    Suggest read ~~[user][0]=8985 ~~ your only 35 years late to the game
  5. Sam Miller III

    Diving in Hong Kong

    @Centrals Good for him ! If he ever wants to part with it or you run across another one E mail me ASAP I have always had a soft spot in my heart for HK & the lieu family A Bunns regulator would be a heirloom for me and my family Sam
  6. Sam Miller III

    Diving in Hong Kong

    @Centrals I am pretty sure one of the brother died with his boot on while conducting scuba class in one of the local International School many yrs ago. Could be wrong though because my memory is not that great nowadays. Bunn's diving is still around. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were...
  7. Sam Miller III

    Cleo Street wreck dive in Laguna

    The Foss 125 sunk in 1958 -- 62 years ago That's 62 years of surf and storms poundings it Its off shore so not much remains but in my estimation better than an normal shore dive SDM
  8. Sam Miller III

    SPG vs tank checker gauge

    From my files....... Diving death - Catalina island dive park Regulator ; SCUBA Pro Mark IV 1974 Catalog Page17 Last catalog which Mark IV appeared ( 46 years ago ! (Time flies ) SCUBA Pro Mk VI -- Automatic Self Locking Yoke Life time one owner guarantee of all parts $118.25...
  9. Sam Miller III

    IS/WAS this a J Valve?

    Agree 100% with @Luis H - re Voit Cable reserve A little history on the "Cable reserve" It was one of the innovations and "Improvements" of dive equipment designed by Fred M Roberts (of the book Basic SCUBA fame) It was introduced in the 1963 Voit catalog on pages 6 & 7.with very little...
  10. Sam Miller III

    Heisler Park fatality - Laguna Beach, California

    CVA is a local laymen's all encompassing term for Stroke or Heart Attack Do not know age What you read is what I have gleaned from local divers who knew him Active and experienced are also a relative terms
  11. Sam Miller III

    Heisler Park fatality - Laguna Beach, California

    Victim Rich Halpert - A new PADi Instructor - "Active SoCal Laguna Beach Diver' Diving alone -Shaw's Cove ( why would an active 'Diver" chose Shaw's Cove ?) Discovered floating but DOA Indication is a CVA 3 "diving related" death this year/ 1) Most recent Rich Halpert 2) June 2020 Shaw's...
  12. Sam Miller III

    Fast ascend vertigo

    research 'Alter No Baric Vertigo."
  13. Sam Miller III

    OW at 55!

    @Wingy @Sam Miller III thank you so much for posting your actually bought a tear to a grumpy old sailors eye then. I wrote a little note a few years ago called 'The last diver' when the last of my dad's buddies went to the great reef in the sky - the mad bastards dived the...
  14. Sam Miller III

    SoCal Dive Reports - Let us know about your dive!

    @azstinger11 You certainly write great trip reports Well organized, concise with all the facts one word describes your reports ~~~~~~~~~ FANTASTIC ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sam Miller III
  15. Sam Miller III

    What can you tell me about these doubles

    @John C. Ratliff Very good summary ! "Dive, The Complete Book of Skin Diving," by Rick and Barbara Carrier 1957 John there are four distinct editions of Dive, The Complete Book of Skin Diving each one revised by different authors and published a year or two later that the preceding editions...
  16. Sam Miller III


    @Deep Down 3000 dives in 12 years ! 3000 - 12 +250 per year When did you sleep? or work? SDM 111
  17. Sam Miller III

    Diving in Hong Kong

    Well written glimpse at the modern Hong Kong diving community I am disappointed that the author did not mention or give any credit to the herculean efforts expended by the Lieu brothers in establishing diving in Hong Kong. Dive history and those who shaped it is like all areas in the world...
  18. Sam Miller III

    OW at 55!

    @NothingClever Stated: "All we need is for @Akimbo, @Sam Miller III and @Johnoly and a handful of others to chime in I think this one wins the “Thread of the Month” category". I was alerted read the posts then reread them again- You mist recognize I am just a slow talking --, slow waling --...
  19. Sam Miller III

    Scuba + Dinosaur = Scubasaurus (Craigslist Find)

    A piece of lost but saved diving history Place it in a safe location as a treasured heirloom for future generations Sam Miller. III
  20. Sam Miller III

    Dive Logs - History ?

    @lexvil And you are so correct ! Do you have a picture of the cover of the log book and the space for the dime ? And or the dime taped in the log book? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A little history NASDS was created by the late great John Gaffney and was a very progressive program which...
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