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    For Sale SP Mk20 + D400 + Suunto

    SP Mk20 + D400 + Suunto comp and compass $200
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    Want to Buy Small Used BCD

    this seems like a good deal though
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    Want to Buy Small Used BCD

    I would consider XS as well.
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    For Sale Santi e-motion plus drysuit + undergarments (small)

    drysuit + bz200 + vest Excellent condition. Freshwater use only. Fits 5’8” 130# $2500 OBO Santi e-motion plus drysuit + BZ200 - Small with these Modifications: 1) Add to arm length: + 1cm 2) Add to leg length: + 5cm 3) Reduce body trunk: - 5cm 4) Reduce Forearm: - 2cm Santi E-Motion...
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    For Sale Lot of hoses

    Lot of hoses mostly inflator hoses but also two HP and a LP $20 +ship for all
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    For Sale Thermo 7/8" standalone valves

    Pic now that the file limit is 48MB
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    SOLD!!! Thermo 7/8" isolation manifold

    Board upgraded the file limit to 48MB photos
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    SOLD!!! 7/8 Valve Left side

    I could also sell you a 7/8 RH Thermo standalone valve to use instead.
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    SOLD!!! 7/8 Valve Left side

    I can sell you an entire thermo pro 300bar 7/8 manifold that you could then split into L/R valves. I don't think they ever made just LH valves, only RH ones and manifolds.
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    Want to Buy dry suit small

    shipping to canada?
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    For Sale 2 LP95s For sale or trade

    Where are you located? I have some in NorCal
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    Long hose/standard fitting on a Atomic Z3

    Oh, I think I see the problem. Looks like you unscrewed the swivel itself instead of just taking it off. Remove the black trim ring on the 2nd stage. You should see some wrench flats for you to remove another fitting.
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    Long hose/standard fitting on a Atomic Z3

    It kind of looks like the nut is too small and/or the stub is too short.
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    SOLD!!! Ikelite Canon G10 housing, camera, and extras

    Does this model have the zoom knob issue?
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    Want to Buy Halcyon Aluminum Backplate - FOUND

    I have one. Let’s make a deal. For Sale - Halcyon AL plate with padding and cinch harness
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