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  1. jd950

    UW Camera gear tax and ferry help

    So far at least, the camera duty scam has been limited to the Pacific side of Mexico, most notably Cabo. Still, it would not surprise me to see it start in Cancun or Coz eventually. The amount they charge for the duty is 16% of the "value" of the housing, as determined by the person making you...
  2. jd950

    To go or no? (covid)

    Probably does not matter, but I just realized I said trip was in a couple weeks; it is actually almost four. As of now, no requirement to quarantine on return.
  3. jd950

    To go or no? (covid)

    Four of us are scheduled to go to Coz in a couple weeks. I have been monitoring the coronavirus rates over the past month and they still seem to be increasing. All four of us are vaccinated, so our health concerns are reduced, but I worry about what restaurants are open, mask rules, etc. We...
  4. jd950

    Alternative weight pockets for Hydros Pro

    I also attached two 5lb pockets on the waist strap. Utilizing the trim pockets when desired, I can easily carry my usual 8-12 lbs, and could go up to 14. If I needed more, there are several companies that make larger pockets. A company called IST makes an 8lb that works. I could ditch the...
  5. jd950

    Cozumel is heading back to “normal”

    Which you would estimate to occur when?
  6. jd950

    Garmin titanium vs steel

    For anyone who has used the Garmin Descent, could you provide any information of the durability / resistance to scratching of the DLC coated titanium vs the stainless steel? Thanks
  7. jd950

    El Moro needs help

    I agree with the gofundme. I won't be there until later this year, so cannot go by, but would be happy to send some $ to help out.
  8. jd950

    Aqualung Legend vs Scubapro?

    They also make pink ones, I think, but trust me the purple ones are purple, at least on land. Got a pair for the wife. Not sure they would be good drysuit fins and I don't think they are great for frogkicks, so probably not your best choice, but I was trying to support your purple goal.
  9. jd950

    Has anyone seen or used the new Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

    If your natural reaction to a diving emergency is to grab your crotch, perhaps you need more training? Or a different recreational activity? (Just kidding, not serious, no offense intended.)
  10. jd950

    Aqualung Legend vs Scubapro?

    No help on the mask, but if you consider them "decent," you can get (or at least used to be able to get) Scubapro Nova Seawings in purple.
  11. jd950

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    I get what you are saying, but I am looking at late summer or fall and only if vaccinated (and I am pretty sure I will be) and the situation appears relatively "safe." Anything I book is changeable or refundable at no cost. I had planned on using American in part because I have some credits...
  12. jd950

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    Yes, it shows same similar fares for pretty much any day over several months. I booked seats on a different airline.
  13. jd950

    $3000 airfare to Coz!

    Started thinking that maybe if I can get a Covid vaccine, I could do a trip to Cozumel in the summer or fall. Went online to American airlines last night to check the Denver to Coz availability and a RT ticked is $3356. Thought that must be some glitch and waited until today and same fare...
  14. jd950

    Atomic service cost

    They say 3 years or 300 dives for the T3, 2 years/300 on the other models.
  15. jd950

    Shearwater Teric and Transmitter Questions

    I did not take the time to read all the posts, and I am sure this duplicates many people, but my family of divers puts transmitters on hoses. We have used AI computers for years and we did not mount transmitters for the first three transmitters that were broken mysteriously. Since we moved...
  16. jd950

    Atomic service cost

    I am starting a new thread because I am changing topics, but this has grown out of my Aqualung reg problems thread if anyone needs context. About an hour ago, I stopped by a LDS to inquire about their reg service costs and few other things. In the process, I got a sales pitch for Atomic regs...
  17. jd950

    Aqualung reg problems

    When I first had the problem, I assumed it was the seat and that would have been ok. I had no idea or expectation the chamber would be the problem or that it was not a solid explanation for the air leak. I'm finding someone new to service the regs, and I guess I will get everything checked...
  18. jd950

    Does Anyone know what this is?

    Seems like a weird gimmick, but at $50, it might be fun to try. I'll take it.
  19. jd950

    Aqualung reg problems

    In each case, the problem was found when I was checking regs prior to packing for a trip. As a precaution before a trip I setup BCs and regs on a tank and check dump valves, deflator buttons, etc, and also check the regs. Over the course of a few different trips I found three second stages...
  20. jd950

    Aqualung reg problems

    It is just odd that within about a year we started having the counterbalance cylinder issues and diaphragm problems after so many years with no problems at all. When this started, LDS tech told me he was seeing problems with the cylinders and he wondered if Al had gotten a bad lot from a...
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