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  1. Jayfarmlaw


    OK, Get comfortable...if you have read my reports, you know they are long. Diving and food are at the end. In 2019, I and several friends took a guys trip to Michigan for a few days of diving. It was lots of fun so we decided to do it every year. Covid stole the 2020 trip, but for 2021, we...
  2. Jayfarmlaw

    Oriskany tips?

    Me and 4 friends will be making the 12 hour drive to Pensacola to dive the Oriskany in a few days. Any tips, must see items on the boat, places to eat, things to see, etc? Any other wrecks that are must sees? We have 2 days of diving on a private charter. 5 men, 50+, old, fat, married, but...
  3. Jayfarmlaw

    Trip Report Turquoise Bay Resort, Subway Water Sports, Bent in Roatan

    Get comfortable, this will probably be long- Just returned from a week in Roatan, our second time there, and all went well...mostly. Getting There- Delta pulled it off without any travel drama other than canceling our Saturday flight several months ago requiring us to fly in to Atlanta on...
  4. Jayfarmlaw

    Sudafed in Roatan?

    I did a search here as well as Google and can't find out if Sudafed is allowed to be brought into Roatan? Honduran jail does not sound like much fun, but sudafed works best for my allergies. Anyone know? Thanks, Jay
  5. Jayfarmlaw

    Taxi from the airport

    This was just posted in Cozumel 4 You- Diego's Tacos Cozumel Jay
  6. Jayfarmlaw

    Favorite wreck in Southern Lake Michigan?

    Looks like I'm going to put together another trip to Lake Michigan for a group of old, fat, smelly, and grumpy, but experienced, divers from OK. One of the group would like to dive one of the mostly intact clipper ships if possible. We can dive out of Hammond, Chicago, or Milwaukee...
  7. Jayfarmlaw

    Trip Report Sunscape Curacao, Ocean Encounters Diving A++++++

    Wow, it actually sucks to be home and I have never said that after ANY vacation...ever. I go into any vacation somewhat jaded because we love Cozumel. We love everything about Cozumel, so even after a few days of being somewhere else, I always say, "It's nice...but it's not Cozumel" Spoiler...
  8. Jayfarmlaw

    2 different Oceanic Pro Plus 3 unwarranted violations within 12 hours

    5 divers, 2 Shearwater Perdix computers, A Pro Plus X, and 2 Pro Plus 3's. All diving identical profiles and Nitrox blends. All well within reg profiles, absolutely nothing froggy. My wife's Pro Plus 3 began flashing UP about 20 minutes into the third dive of the second day, max dept of 50...
  9. Jayfarmlaw


    This is long, get comfortable....... We got back last night after the cross country flight from Florida to Denver...then back to OKC. Southwest was awesome as always with no travel drama. Gotta love 2 free bags and they actually get you and your luggage there. We are a group of older divers...
  10. Jayfarmlaw

    Crystal River Info???

    Partially out of desperation for ANY diving other than Oklahoma lakes, time and $$ constraints, and multiple Caribbean cancelations, we booked a trip with several friends to dive Chrystal River Fl next week. I've read the posts here and the we will be doing the river, the snorkel with Manatees...
  11. Jayfarmlaw

    Which model Tusa Regulator is this?

    Craigslist did it to me again and I got a great deal on a set of gear. I'm more of a Scubapro guy but included was a set of Tusa regulators I can not find any model numbers on. The first stage has 2 HP ports and 4 LP ports. On one end it has the following markings: CE 0426 EN 250-2000 >10C...
  12. Jayfarmlaw

    How to tell size? (Ocean REEF Neptune)

    Edit- This is posted in the Ocean Reef forum and I forgot to put Ocean Reef Neptune in the title. im going to look at a used Neptune with coms this week. I have a huge head so I'm sure I will need the Larger skirt. Are they marked? How do you tell the size? Thanks, Jay (Title edited by...
  13. Jayfarmlaw

    Trip Report Trip report- Cenote Xperience-Playa Del Carmen

    to save time, here is my trip advisor review- It just keeps getting better! Review of Cenote Xperience Reviewed yesterday My wife likes reefs and pretty fish so we go to Cozumel a few times a year. We usually take a day off during the week and I snuck over to Playa for a day of Cenote diving...
  14. Jayfarmlaw

    Trip report-Aldora and Casa Mexicana

    ok...if you have read any of my reports over the last 5years, you know pretty much everything I am about to say. We have a system that works for us amazingly well. This report will focus on anything new. The Scuba Gods smiled upon us on the bag drag. Off the plane in Cancun, cleared customs...
  15. Jayfarmlaw

    CUBA-TRIP REPORT- Havana and Veradero August/September 2019

    This may turn into a longer than usual report because the trip was nothing like anything we had done before. It was not the typical dive vacation I had hoped for, bur more of a Cuban vacation with some diving thrown in. This was our first trip to Cuba so I'm no expert. Also, I don't care about...
  16. Jayfarmlaw

    What happens to a submarine sunk by depth charges?

    This is hardly underwater treasure but maybe I can find some information about a US submarine lost in WWII off of the Northeast coast of Japan. I have a case that has taken a more personal impact than most. The case details are not important for this post, but it involves a WWII veteran whose...
  17. Jayfarmlaw

    TRIP REPORT- Lake Michigan Dive Trip- Long, get comfortable-PART 1

    First of all, this was our first trip to Lake Michigan, or any Great Lake for that matter, so I'm by no means any type of an expert on the great lakes. Feel free to add any kernals of wisdom you see fit. Getting There- We drove and unless Southwest had a sale for round trip under $100, we...
  18. Jayfarmlaw

    New diver to Great Lakes-Any tips or need to know?

    Its a 12 hour drive to Lake Michigan so Im putting together a weekend trip. I'm trying to book with Double Action, but seats and schedule may not work. Do you have any favorite boats running intermediate dive trips out of the Hammond area? Best place in the Hammond area for fills? Diving...
  19. Jayfarmlaw


    I found this form and though it could be useful here. Instead of haveing the moderators sift through the posts for anything violating the rules, just fill at this form and post it.
  20. Jayfarmlaw

    Deep 6 Wetsuit Review

    I had been looking at the 3mm wetsuit for a while. My 5 year old $89 Neosport 3mm with a glued on pocket had seen its better days and even with lots of flushing while diving smelled like a biohazard worthy of a lifetime supply of Odoban. When Deep 6 put their 3mm on special for $299 with a...
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