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  1. Damselfish

    Places with minimal current

    Nor did I. My point is that saying “don’t swim into the current” is a gross oversimplification. It also pretty much implies someone doesn’t have the common sense to figure that out, which is just kind of rude.
  2. Damselfish

    Places with minimal current

    If it’s totally up to the diver, yeah maybe just don’t swim against a current. And a slow drift might mean less swimming. But it’s not always that simple. Even if you are with an op that always does drift dives as you describe and executes perfectly, any kind of drift may require maneuvering...
  3. Damselfish

    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    If “making it easier” means there’s a checkbox that says “share to facebook” or wherever and it’s someones choice, that’s one thing. Doing it for someone (whatever the TOS might say) is a very different thing.
  4. Damselfish

    Hamanasi Resort to Turneffe

    I think it’s simple, just not direct. Assuming you are thinking of spending a week at each or something like that - you will simply return to Belize City between the stays. Drive or shuttle to Hamanasi from there. And take advantage of a resorts boat transfers to Turneffe (typically only...
  5. Damselfish

    Places with minimal current

    Is the problem swimming against a current (something I’d prefer to avoid myself if there’s not a good reason), or any current at all even when going with it? What about mild drifts where they pick you up at the end? If current is a concern, I would not even consider going to the Maldives. You...
  6. Damselfish

    Punta Sur/Devil's Throat

    The fact that some people don’t know what they are doing is not necessarily a reason to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator.
  7. Damselfish

    Trip Report Dive trip from Dreams Resort, Curacao June 20-27th, 2021

    The potential for a dive & spa package makes me drool. :clapping:
  8. Damselfish

    Trip Report Dive trip from Dreams Resort, Curacao June 20-27th, 2021

    Sandals is at the other end of the island though. This is by Dreams and the Marriott and looks like another real thing. They seems to be lots of re/building going on there.
  9. Damselfish

    Trip Report Dive trip from Dreams Resort, Curacao June 20-27th, 2021

    Sounds more like the place mentioned in this recent article - New Resort Management Deal for Zoetry Curacao Resort & Spa Maybe theres been some resort management churn. Looks like Zoetry and Secrets (and Dreams) are under the same umbrella -...
  10. Damselfish

    Roatan & La Ceiba airports

    Just saw an article in Cayman news that La Ceiba airport was just downgraded and Cayman Air can’t fly their 737-8s there. It said Roatan was also recently downgraded temporarily until 12/7. Cayman Air is replacing with Saab flights. Any idea if this somehow only affecting Cayman Air, or other...
  11. Damselfish

    Traveling to Iceland in September

    Iceland is green Greenland is ice But think more marine I hear Silfra is nice.
  12. Damselfish

    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    I use facebook quite a bit, but very little for diving. There is a local dive group or 2 I might catch posts on, but the content is not really that useful to me since I don’t actually dive locally anymore and any travel discussions are of limited use. The rest of the platforms not so much. If...
  13. Damselfish

    Trip Report Dive trip from Dreams Resort, Curacao June 20-27th, 2021

    I was surprised to stumble on this, but apparently there is a Sandals Royal Curacao out east at Santa Barbara Plantation opening April 2022 - now taking advance bookings.
  14. Damselfish

    Beaches to open on St Vincent

    I was curious what was going on with the volcano and Beaches St Vincent and hunted around. Only thing I can find was a June 2021ish quote from a non official facebook page someone created- “We've got boots on the ground in Curacao for our Sandals resort there, slated to open in 2022, and in St...
  15. Damselfish

    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    I have an extra reg setup that could be used as is or to steal parts. But I fly to dive and as luggage restrictions got tougher I got away from bringing it. I might if going someplace I thought getting a rental or loan would be a problem but that rarely happens.
  16. Damselfish

    Guanaja Bonnaca fire

    Got this in an email- A devastating fire ripped through the small town of Bonacca in Guanaja Honduras early morning of October 2nd. Many of the Clark's Cay and Dunbar Rock staff have lost everything. Homes are gone, clothing gone, personal effects gone, everything burned. Guanaja is seeing the...
  17. Damselfish

    Ad banner is on top of watch thread and page number

    Still a problem in the new setup.
  18. Damselfish

    Ad banner is on top of watch thread and page number

    I have the same problem on iPhone 8 for a few days at least. Working around it by turning phone sideways. Ok on my larger android tablet. Seems to be struggling when it has limited screen real estate.
  19. Damselfish

    Travel to Indonesia

    I imagine the idea was to trust a government info website over other things on the web? Neither necessarily "printed."
  20. Damselfish

    Land-Based Palau or N. Red Sea LoB?

    Just to play devils advocate - while I myself would do LOB in Palau (have twice), I’ve seen comments from a decent number of folks who like the land based option and enjoy the pretty boat rides.
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