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    Diver recovers WW2 grenade from Ossiacher See, dies in explosion A German recreational scuba diver found the grenade. While examining his find today in shallow water it exploded and killed the diver. 53m deep lake Ossiacher See is small and beautiful (although not the most popular spot for scuba diving). Unknown to...
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    I f*** up and I am ashamed

    You don't need a new BCD, just get yourself properly weighted and any BCD will do. You often hear that you should do that with empty tanks, but that's sometimes impractical because you want to be properly weighted at the beginning of your first dive with full tanks, too. The trick is, that you...
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    Another stupid bungee question...

    There are many ways of attaching the tanks in sidemount. Loop bungees just the most popular if you have left/right valves, but not easy in your situation with two identical usual rental tanks. Please check out "toddy style" tank attachments: 5. Attaching Scuba Cylinders – TODDY STYLE and the...
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    Getting in and out of the water with neck and back injuries

    After lower back surgery I shifted focus to diving in lakes / sweet water in sidemount config. Handling two small independent tanks is also better for your back when it comes to filling, transport, lifting gear out of the car, ... The worst for my back are large twin tanks from boat or from...
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    Drysuit use and buoyancy

    It depends on your tank size. The bcd is used to carry the weight of the gas in your tank. If you dive a small single tank then only little gas is needed in the bcd and it won't make much difference if you ignore the bcd and use only the drysuit. But when diving larger single tanks, doubles...
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    Deco Theory 101, 201, 301, and 401

    Thanks, you're right that the Thalmann LE (linear-exponential) adds a constant to the compartment pressures. Doing so makes the numbers closer to those given in the presentation. I then tried to minimize ISS and found: the shallower the better. GF150/50 is very good in terms of ISS but will...
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    Fatal dive accident - Lake Werbellin, Germany

    My interpretation would be: unsuccessful attempt at in-water recompression (IWR). Nothing to do with CO.
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    Fatal dive accident - Lake Werbellin, Germany

    A report on this accident got published: Defekte Tauchflasche könnte zum Tod geführt haben (in German) Their dive computers showed a fast ascent from 34m to 23m, and then a very fast ascent from 23m (77ft) to the surface taking just a few seconds. After 5min on the surface, they both sank to...
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    Deco Theory 101, 201, 301, and 401

    thank you, makes sense. From the Parker (1996) paper I still think that ignoring O2 in the ISS integral would be more appropriate and won't change the ranking order of the four profiles, or even result in larger differences. Do you know if in the ISS calculation for these graphs, were...
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    Deco Theory 101, 201, 301, and 401

    None. Helium was not present, and regarding O2 ... in Parker, E. & Survanshi, S. & Thalmann, E. & Weathersby, Paul. (1996). Statistically Based Decompression Tables IX: Probabilistic Models of the Role of Oxygen in Human Decompression Sickness. 37. they claim that their probabilistic DCS...
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    Deco Theory 101, 201, 301, and 401

    Hi @UWSojourner, thank you very much for the link. Now I still wondered why my calculation gave a smaller number and had a look at the last chart in your link: My calculation did not produce any supersaturation in the slowest compartment (#16, th=635min). In the NEDU dive with 30min @...
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    Deco Theory 101, 201, 301, and 401

    In the slides I wonder about the numbers of the ISS values: The unit of integral supersaturation should be "bar * min" or "mbar * min", but not "mbar/min". I guess this is a typo only, but assuming "mbar*min" as the unit, then the values shown here of about 1000 are very small. 1000...
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    Nitrogen narcosis

    AFAIK there's still no evidence that you can condition yourself against the effects of narcosis. But there's probably a correlation between nitrogen narcosis and CO2 buildup, and therefore it's not surprising that newish divers tend to suffer more than experienced (=more relaxed) divers. First...
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    Aqua Lung Axiom i3 BCD -- Thoughts on i3 Inflator Mechanism

    I would not recommend teaching classes with i3, because students should know how to operate the standard inflator. I guess that's the reason why someone above wrote he saw instructors with both a standard inflator and i3 on their jackets. It's just we tried and found it easy with i3 to bring...
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    Aqua Lung Axiom i3 BCD -- Thoughts on i3 Inflator Mechanism

    The i3 is a very good system. We used it in rescue classes and found it easier to use than the standard inflator. It's also no problem to reach with the right hand if necessary. It seems to me you have a strong opinion about things you don't understand.
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    Fatal dive accident - Lake Werbellin, Germany

    Early CO poisoning symptoms usually include strong headache, dizziness, nausea... That's good because, unlike O2 or CO2, you have a good chance to notice the effects of CO early enough before it gets dangerous. But you must take the symptoms seriously and immediately tell your buddy, and call...
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    My first incident...

    I don't see how a wing OP valve could ever freeze. There's no significant expansion of air happening in that valve, as opposed to first&second stages. Of course it can fail cause it's broken or full of dirt.
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    Best Practices for O2 Reg & Deco Bottle

    I wonder what that does to the durability of the o-rings in the reg. My LDS recommended me to o2-clean the interior of the reg and use o2-compatible grease only, but they don't replace the o-rings with Viton anymore because of quality issues. IIRC replacing the o-rings is not about fire (Viton...
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    Wreck Diving on Sidemount or Backmount Doubles

    Agree. @grantctobin seems to believe cold water SM is very different from warm water SM which I don't see. The main difference is in recreational diving, where a BM diver needs less space than a SM diver, so the operator will find it easier to cram a group of exclusively BM tourists onto his...
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    Advanced Gas Switching

    Do you use the necklace backup reg instead of unclipping/clipping the primary reg during switches?
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