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  1. wedivebc

    The difference between manifolded, modular, and right hand valve doubles

    I disagree that one tank needs to be revered. What emergency requires the shutdown of the valve. other than the dangerous situation caused by reversing the valve and leaving the 1st stage vulnerable? Why is it more dangerous to dive independent doubles, you said because more training is required...
  2. wedivebc

    A point about trimix diving

    Your plan would add way too much complexity for no return. Oxygen is a moving target because it is metabolized inert gases are in a fixed ratio and very predictable throughout the depth range
  3. wedivebc

    Failed my Day 1 PADI Pool Training

    FWIW I am an instructor trainer and I can say you didn't fail, your instructor did. Find a more patient instructor and maybe even pay a little extra for personal instruction. Maybe ask if your wife can join you for the initial class if that will help you with your anxiety. The only time I have...
  4. wedivebc

    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I have never, not been searched carrying on a rebreather. Then I get to give the TSA staff a lecture about what a rebreather is. I should get paid for this, oh wait, I do.
  5. wedivebc

    Going From Tdi An/dp To Helitrox?

    It is easy to find shortcuts to proper training if you exploit the loopholes.
  6. wedivebc

    Going From Tdi An/dp To Helitrox?

    It seems to me that you embarked on a course and due to what seems like improper research on your part ended up with a certificate that was not exactly what you had hoped for. If you wanted helitrox would it not have been better for you to seek out a helitrox instructor rather than complain...
  7. wedivebc

    How do you properly bleed air out of nitrox tanks

    Can someone explain to me why draining a tank will cause moisture to form inside a tank? When the tank is filled the air will contain a maximum dew point of -50 degF. While the tank will get cold and atmospheric moisture will collect on the outside of the tank, the very small quaintly of...
  8. wedivebc

    Saint Croix.....First Time Thoughts

    Cane Bay has an awesome wall you can do as a shore dive. Loved STX.
  9. wedivebc

    Sunflower Star Lab: propagating starfish in Monterey

    I live in BC on Vancouver Island and I can say I have not seen an adult fully grown sun star in over 5 years so I am skeptical about the hypothesis that there are genetically more robust specemens in the wild, at least I have yet to see one. They seem to get close to adulthood and they do at...
  10. wedivebc

    Sunflower Star Lab: propagating starfish in Monterey

    Since all the sunstars on the west coast are currently succumbing to this disease before they reach full size, introducing more potential victims to the environment will likely not succeed in the desired result. I have not seen a full grown adult sunstar in years, putting more juveniles into the...
  11. wedivebc

    calibrating on multiple days diving

    Been there and I agree, although cave country does not represent a majority of RB instructors, or even divers. As a dive professional for over 20 years and RB instructor for 17 years, I might know a couple of instructors and RB divers myself and my experiences don't reflect your comments above.
  12. wedivebc

    calibrating on multiple days diving

    Your #2 graph is closer to real world behaviour. The early Megs attempted to compensate for that by using a 2 point calibration system however it was prone to user error sometimes resulting in inaccurate calibrations.
  13. wedivebc

    calibrating on multiple days diving

    Once again you make very far reaching statements based on a limited data set. I teach linear deviation to all my students and instructor candidates. All the instructors I know teach it as a fundemental aspect of cell characteristics.
  14. wedivebc

    calibrating on multiple days diving

    When in training you calibrate every day for the practice. In real life I calibrate when there is a change in my O2 reading in air and in pure O2. I used to calibrate my pathfinder in air all the time because it was easy to do that. I would verify my calibration in O2 once in a while as well...
  15. wedivebc

    Who has had to bailout?

    That is interesting. Many report high levels of anxiety when experiencing high CO2 levels but my experience was similar to yours. I felt only slight discomfort but my buddy was concerned about my behaviour. I was still somewhat in denial about what happened except it was all caught on camera and...
  16. wedivebc

    Teric dead?

    I feel like we have become a slave to the care and feeding of our lithium powered devices. Besides the Teric I have a smart watch, an ipad, an Android pad, two primary dive lights, 2 secondary dive lights, two cell phones and until recently a rebreather that all needed to be plugged in and...
  17. wedivebc

    Lost Indonesian Submarine

    Not correct. subs operate just fine in shallower water, our subs traverse shallower depths all the time when working in the Straights of Georgia. A few years back, a diver was lost on a wreck around here. The RCMP dive team closed the area and searched for several days. Thursday night we got...
  18. wedivebc

    Teric dead?

    In my defence, I put my charger in a back room because the light bugs me at night, then forgot about it. Between 2 knee surgeries and covid I haven't been diving as much as I'd like
  19. wedivebc

    Teric dead?

    Yeah I think I will try that. Maybe the green light was showing because there was no connection\ IT WORKED! put it on the charger and it came to life. Repoerts 92% battery life. Thanks Scubaboard people
  20. wedivebc

    Teric dead?

    Would I have been better to leave it off fthe charger or that year? I know there is an ideal way to handle batteries but I was not in a position to tend to this either way for the last while.
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