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  1. Crazy Fingers

    Help with Oceanic Battery Replacement!

    I have an Oceanic Veo 180NX. I have gotten the retaining ring out. (By the way, the plastic this stuff is made out of is crap. I broke off the tab using the screwdriver method described in the manual. Some things were just meant to be made out of stainless steel.) I am now faced with a...
  2. Crazy Fingers

    Gagging on Saltwater

    I have a bad problem with gagging when saltwater gets into my mouth. It seems like the more hydrated I am, the easier it is to deal with it. So I've started drinking water heavily a couple days before I know I'm going to go diving, and find the reflex reduced quite a bit. Starbursts in...
  3. Crazy Fingers

    Best campsite in Key Largo?

    Which campground in Key Largo is best? We are going to be in tents and just want a quiet place that isn't too crowded. Thanks.
  4. Crazy Fingers

    Crescent Beach Spring

    Anyone ever dove it?
  5. Crazy Fingers

    How do you attach trim weights to your BP/W?

    I need to trim myself out a bit, and I really need to get the weight up around my shoulders since my hugely musclar, sexy legs love to sink even with 5 mil booties and positive fins :eyebrow: Couple that with a 5 mil hooded vest, a mild case of air-head, and you can imagine how I want to...
  6. Crazy Fingers

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement weight pouches?

    I have a Tusa Platina Evolution BC but I need some weight pouches for it. I couldn't find any in a quick google search... anyone know where I can turn some up? Thanks.
  7. Crazy Fingers

    My BP/W rolls me on my back!

    I seem to have a little problem with my setup. It's a 35 lb singles wing with a 6 lb SS backplate. I am diving an aluminum 80 right now in a 2 mil shorty and no additional weights. When I stop swimming, I will begin to list one direction or the other until all of a sudden I just roll over onto...
  8. Crazy Fingers

    Crushed and Wrinkly Wetsuits!

    So you left your wetsuit wadded up into a ball somewhere and now it's got creases, wrinkles, and crush marks all over it. How do you rejuvenate it?
  9. Crazy Fingers

    Why don't they sell....

    I just need a pressure gauge with an open slot in the console to put the computer in. Basically, I want to make my own 2 gauge console using the computer I already have. I can't find anything online... they've all got depth gauges in them! :11doh:
  10. Crazy Fingers

    Anyone got a NOAA Diving Manual Handy? Table Question...

    On a discussion on another board, we are trying to determine if bouncing 300 feet is even possible on an AL-80 with air. (Yes, we all realize that this is completely stupid, people have died doing it, you will get oxtox, you will get insanely narced etc. etc. It's just an academic argument...
  11. Crazy Fingers

    What is the appropriate call on Marine VHF in these situations?

    I just got a marine VHF radio for my kayak. I dive a few miles offshore with it and wanted to be able to have more reliable contact with others than a cell phone in a plastic bag. I have no experience with it, and I don't want to be the jerk who doesn't follow etiquette or proper practice...
  12. Crazy Fingers

    Hernando/Pasco County Sinks

    I've heard about tons of sinks in these two counties. I have also heard that some of them are very, very deep (300ft+) and many are 100 feet +. I have heard the visibility varies greatly between different sinks. It seems that most of them are free... just walk up to them on the side of the...
  13. Crazy Fingers

    Fun underwater games

    Okay, so you're sick of your local dive site and the same old things there all the time. You need to mix it up with games. Here's one of my ideas, although I haven't put it in practice yet. Get a bunch of empty water or soda bottles with their caps. Go to depth and fill them completely up...
  14. Crazy Fingers

    Practicing CESA & ditch and don?

    How often do you all practice these, if at all? What precautions do you do to minimize your chances of DCS while practicing? We all know that ascent rate is a critical factor in it, and it's probably going to be completely blown in a real OOA situation. I guess the safest way is to go as...
  15. Crazy Fingers

    If you could fly to any of these for free....

    If you could fly to any of these places for free on a dive trip, which would it be? Hamilton, Bermuda Aguadilla, PR San Juan, PR Ponce, PR Cancun Aruba Nassua, Bahamas (remember I live in FL so a cruise there is cheap...) Santiago, Dominican Republic The DR sounds pretty cool to me...
  16. Crazy Fingers

    How far will this light take me in caving?

    I'm very strongly considering getting cavern cert, and then if I like it starting the cave training. For Xmas the old lady wants to get me a dive light and I want the UK HID Light Cannon... how far will that light take me with my training? I don't really want to spend $500 bucks on a light if...
  17. Crazy Fingers

    UK HID worth it over Shockwave LED?

    You think it's worth the extra $75 to go with the UK HID light cannon over a PT Shockwave LED? Keep in mind that I have a tendency to bang my equipment around... how fragile is the HID bulb? Thanks! Should mention that I am strongly considering getting cavern certified and then maybe...
  18. Crazy Fingers

    Help me choose a new BC please!

    My current BC (an Aeris Atmos Sport) served its function, which was to get me in a weight integated jacket cheap. The problem with it is that it orients me vertically in the water all the time. The second I stop, I am upright. Of course, when you're trying to avoid silting up the bottom this...
  19. Crazy Fingers

    Must Dive Springs for OW

    I'm planning a trip to cave country and want to see what everyone's favorite springs and sinks are. I know this thread has been had before but I can't turn it up in the search feature. Here's my plan: Day 1) Blue Grotto and Devil's Den Day 2) Springs at Ginnie (is there enough to spend...
  20. Crazy Fingers

    Devil's Sink?

    Ned DeLoach has a dive site in his book called "Devil's Sink" in the Central Florida Area. He says it's a sink with 75 foot bluffs which drop down to water level. The sink widens into a large room just beneath the surface and has depths of 80 feet. Supposedly the road to get there is bad...
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