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  1. RonFrank

    Cramps in feet after diving

    Cramps can be a hydration issue.
  2. RonFrank

    Rocky Mountain Oysters dive at the Blue Hole, Oct. 20-22

    I have sent some email out to friends who generally do not read SB, but its kinda last minute. If its just a small group it's all good....
  3. RonFrank

    Crater Lake Closes To Scuba

    Crater lake does not allow outside boats. There is no way to get them to the surface. I think they helicoptered in the jet boats, and there are some row boats, or there were. There is no way to drive to the lake, just a steep climb down by foot. The jet boat tours are run by the Park...
  4. RonFrank

    Divers Reef ?

    Seems like the market is shrinking. Pueblo does not appear to have a LDS, when that went out of business I do not know. Honestly Nirtox is kinda foolish in the Co market considering most of our lakes are shallow or get very dark after 30'. I am surprised that A1 has stopped selling it...
  5. RonFrank

    Rocky Mountain Oysters dive at the Blue Hole, Oct. 20-22

    I am down. We will talk Dog Diver! :D
  6. RonFrank

    what do you do after diving?

    There are zip lines which are fun. You can rent a boat but watch out for the currents. You could go fishing like an afternoon charter. You could do a booze cruise. Hanging out at the pool can be fun and relaxing. You could do some shopping. You could rent bikes, just be careful...
  7. RonFrank

    A Question of LDS Purchasing Etiquette

    My LDS treats me well regardless of where I buy equipment. They recognize that I am a valuable customer who has purchased training and other goods with them. I may not purchase everything from them but that's not a factor. That is how a good LDS treats people. John suggested how to install...
  8. RonFrank


    We dive some fairly crummy sites. If I can see my buddy 5 feet away I am a happy camper. If I can not we may end the dive early. If we have to hold hands vis is worthless and a second dive is not forth coming. :D
  9. RonFrank

    Returning found gear

    I will return anything I find and leave things I find with the local shop if practical. I do not like loosing things and do my best to return lost stuff to the owner. A bolt snap.... not so much but anything of value absolutely. Do unto others and all that.
  10. RonFrank

    Use of the alternate regulator

    3 is the new 2! I use three as one is attached to my pony and I use that on vacation. With airline baggage restrictions I may stop carrying extra gear. I have never used my backup for real. But I breath off it frequently.
  11. RonFrank

    Diver injured when boat snags SMB line - UK

    Wow! My best to the diver. What a way to get hit.....
  12. RonFrank

    No batteries in carry-on bags, leaving - update

    Funny loose batteries are a nono but batteries in laptops, phones, ipods (heh try to remove those), walkmans are OK??? So loose batteries bad, installed batteries good.....LOL! This whole mess seems beyond absurd! So water is a nono? Stay tuned, this will likely change... again.
  13. RonFrank

    magnificent urchin

    Nice shot!
  14. RonFrank

    Washing gear after vacation

    At this point I would suggest an hour min soak with mild soap then a rinse. It does not take long to do this, you just need to start! A freshwater dive works as well. I bet you have some salt crystal buildup that will require a good soak to dislodge. Do not soak the first stage, just a good...
  15. RonFrank

    Proper hose management when using pony bottles.

    Seriously you need to rethink your setup. You need a primary and an Octo, that's all. If you have an air2 type of octo maybe a reg bunged to your pony so three regs at most IF you have a air2 octo. You do not need an SPG for your pony. Just check it before you dive. If you must have this...
  16. RonFrank

    San Diego in late March 2013

    Waterhorse is who we used diving out of San Diego. San Diego SCUBA Diving, Charter Boat Dives. Dive Trips La Jolla is a great shore dive but doing it with a local guide is a good idea. Scuba Diving in San Diego - La Jolla Shores My first thought was Catalina. Its a great place to spend...
  17. RonFrank

    Suunto Zoop v Cobra

    LOL! I not only buy online I have my gear serviced online as well. The difference is I am not driving an hour one way twice, and its half the price. They do a great job, and send me my original parts so I can inspect them for wear and determine if my service intervals are too long/short...
  18. RonFrank

    Just Bought a Legend LX - Question....

    If you find a bit of seaweed in the box its really a good luck charm! :cool2:
  19. RonFrank

    70's/80's vintage SCubaPro mk5 first 109 sscond - worth keeping?

    As long as you can get a rebuild kit for it your good to dive. I am positive that kit or the parts are currently available. Unfortunately shops love to say things like.... old as dirt, but we can sell you X. Find a different service shop, or you can go mail order. Scubatoys or TDI among others.
  20. RonFrank

    ScubaPro Jet Fins made in Taiwan

    When I started diving a decade ago+ these were cheap good fins around $50 new. Now they are made out of country and cost almost three times as much. It is VERY difficult to find where things are made. But there are less products made in the US, a unfortunate growing trend. Ironically this...
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