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  1. melissawest

    Scuba diving and smoking

    When I was taking my OW course I asked my instructor if it’ s a massive disadvantage for a smoker like me to scuba dive, he replied “As a smoker you probably won't encounter any medical problems while scuba diving. However some smokers notice they use a bit more air than non-smoking scuba...
  2. melissawest

    Advice please....

    Hello everybody, I've just been OW certified not too long ago and I'm absolutely keen on having more experience and proceed to getting my AOW as soon as my skills are already polished. My main concern at the moment is controlling my buoyancy and be able to relax more. Thing is when I'm...
  3. melissawest


    Hi All, I'm new here and just been certified .... any new tips from seasoned divers in here.... I'm still learning the ropes :)
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