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  1. Dan V

    DUI Yukon vs. OMS Coronado

    I wish someone would answer this. I looking at a similar situation. The Yukon II vs the Coronado.
  2. Dan V

    DUI Yukon vs. OMS Coronado

  3. Dan V

    Best outfitter for Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Phuket?

    I wondered why I couldn't find a dive shop anywhere near Phang Nga (town or bay). I really want to stay in that area because of the beautiful mountains, but I'm going to Thailand to dive. I booked a room on the northeast side of Phi Phi. It seems to have the best of both worlds.
  4. Dan V

    Diving in Bali in April 7 - 11th 2019

    Will anyone on this board be diving in Bali? One of my favorite things about diving is meeting new divers (as a former U.S. service member I like the similar camaraderie) . I've pretty much settled on staying in Padangbai but haven't made any firm plans. Suggestions for dive shops and/or...
  5. Dan V

    Diving in Bali in October

    Any suggestions for dive shops and hotels in Padangbai? I've booked a flight to Bali and will be there for 4 nights. Padangbai looks like the right balance for me of a small town without being too far from diving.
  6. Dan V

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2019 Fiji

    That's what credit cards are for :)
  7. Dan V

    Best Big Animals Dive Sites In Thailand

    I'm flying into Phuket, and will be there from April 2nd (diving the 4,5, and 6th)to the 7th. I have no plans lined up as of yet as far as accommodations, dive sites or dive shops. I want to see big critters. Keep in touch on the dates you'll be there.
  8. Dan V

    Anyone Diving in Bali for the week of 1/6/19 - 1/15/19?

    Where are you located on Bali? I am flying in April 7 and leaving April 11th. I have no plans made so far.
  9. Dan V

    Fresh pics from Raja Ampat

    Awesome photos. I'm headed to Phuket and Bali in April. I can't wait to see this kind of beauty.
  10. Dan V

    Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh

    Thank you... the dive shops in Sharm and Dahab both agree with you. I've heard Hughadada sometimes gets sharks and dolphins. I kind of botched the planning of this trip, but it was supposed to be a "quick" 7 day trip to see how great diving in the Red Sea is. I should've bit the bullet...
  11. Dan V

    Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh

    Thanks for the response. From what I've researched to Dahab is not known for it's large marine life. I get the feeling the overall experience is great as far as vibe, location, and town size. I'm am going to Egypt to experience some of the best diving in the world and want to make sure I go...
  12. Dan V

    Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh

    Same question, except I'm going by myself. Is there any places that have a stay and dive package. I think I would prefer not to stay on a boat all day, but I realize you often get to better dive sites by boat. Any chance of seeing dolphins or sharks in one area vs. the other? Though I...
  13. Dan V

    Wetsuit for stocky people?

    Thanks for the feedback. I had to shop around to a bit to find my 7mm Bare Velocity L/S and it's perfect for me. I have an 3mm Excel L/S that is very tight in the armpits. It usually loosens up slightly in the water, but it does feel tight . I also have a Bare Shorty that will most likely...
  14. Dan V

    Wetsuit for stocky people?

    I have a similar situation. I found a used 3mm ScubaPro wetsuit on Ebay. I'm a Great Lakes diver and spend my money on brand new suits for the colder water up here. I have a dive trip to Playa Del Carmen / Cozumel next month and am looking for a 3mm. All my suits are "Large Shorts" The suit...
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