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  1. Kunk35

    Lake Murray, Ok 05/20/12 Anyone?

    I would like to buzz up to Lake Murray this weekend for some fresh water jelly hunting. Anyone going to be up there and need a buddy? Kory
  2. Kunk35

    What do Safe Divers do that Unsafe Divers don't?

    I've been browsing various threads where a lot is mentioned about "safe divers" and making sure to only dive with them. It occurred to me, I guess I haven't ever been diving with "unsafe divers", since I don't think I really have experienced any. So my question is, what experiences have my...
  3. Kunk35

    Must dive this weekend. Need dive buddy/buddies

    Cssp. Lake Murray. Either way. I'm not particular, I just want to get underwater where there is no phones, no employees calling in sick, no customer emergencies I have to jump in the middle of. Just the sound of bubbles and the sight of fishies. Somebody come join me. Kory
  4. Kunk35

    Reg breathing wet

    I've got a Scubapro MK25 S600 Reg. I used it for two or three years without getting it serviced, because I had heard so many stories from people that "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Then I decided to go ahead and get it done, since I didn't want to lose the lifetime parts warranty for not...
  5. Kunk35

    Texoma Diving

    Anyone up for a couple of dives this weekend in Beautiful Lake Texoma? I've been wanting to check it out and see if the Zebra muscles have improved the viz lately. I've got a couple of full tanks and a park pass so why not? I'll admit, the thousand steps of pain in and out are a bit...
  6. Kunk35

    Lake Murray Dive

    Spent the weekend camping with the fam and managed to get in a couple dives. Yep, it was Murray. Viz, same as always. Temp, same as always. I think we actually saw the same bass at the platform that followed us on our dive. It was great to get back in the water regardless of viz, and even better...
  7. Kunk35

    Dead fish @ lake Murray

    Campers Complain About Dead Fish at Lake Murray - News Weather Sports Ardmore Durant Sherman Denison- Not really much of an article except campers complaining. I'm just wondering what is killing the fish. It didn't say where they were on the lake, but I'm assuming it was Marrietta...
  8. Kunk35

    Yearly pass @ CSSP?

    Does anyone get the yearly pass out there? I'm thinking about doing this and I'm just wondering if there are others that do? I had heard that they were no longer letting instructors in for free, so I figured that would up the yearly pass sales a bit. I need to call them and see if it is yearly...
  9. Kunk35

    Share your recovery stories

    I was talkin to a fellow swamper about doing some dive work for some lucky lake residents, and it got me to wondering how many of you do stuff for people? Do you charge them for your services? Have you ever taken on something you had to back out of? Any dangerous situations arise that you...
  10. Kunk35

    CSSP Trip Report 071209

    Arrived at good 'ol CSSP at about 9:45, only about 3 minutes before Dan (Dannod1948) arrived. Went over on the East side and guess who I park next to? Alan! Man it was good to see him! Before I get into the diving I just want to say this. After hearing some of the stories of what Alan went...
  11. Kunk35

    Anyone going to Cssp tomorrow?

    Anyone going out there in the morning? My normal dive buddy channels are drying up quickly. I may have to head to good ol Murray.
  12. Kunk35

    Dive flag configuration 101

    One of the things my dive buddy and I didn't have any idea how to deal with was the dive flag. The didn't teach us a thing about what type to use, how to deploy it, or anything about the rules of when or how to use it. So, I thought I would explain some basic stuff about them and what we learned...
  13. Kunk35

    Pics of our CSSP Weekend

    Gotta share some pictures of our trip to CSSP this weekend. Yes I took some liberty with the photo editing, but they are my pictures and I think they look better this way. Always have to have a pic of the scuba camp. This is the coolest thing. We came across the mine, and noticed a bass...
  14. Kunk35

    Diving regulations and such....

    I realize this probably varies by state, but I'm finding it very difficult to find specific information on the actual diving regulations concerning dive flags, distances, boating regulations with regard to diving etc... I know if you ask a group of divers, there will be several different...
  15. Kunk35

    RSS Feeds?

    I'm trying to figure out this whole RSS feed thing and I have questions. It only shows 15 available RSS feeds. How does this work? What I'm trying to do is get our clubs subforum to show up on my homepage, but I gather it doesn't have an RSS feed for that partictular page? Is there any way it...
  16. Kunk35

    Questions about the Atom 2.0

    I've had my Atom for a few months now, with 29 dives on it. For the most part, I really like it, but I'm having trouble negotiating the menus. It is defenitely not as user friendly as my Suunto was. First, when you download dives, is there a way to wipe the old dives from the watch so it...
  17. Kunk35

    New Texas Swamp Diver Video

    Here it is!! Rhonda has been slaving away making a video of our pictures for all you fantastic swampers. I'm a little biased, but I think she did an excellent job. Enjoy....
  18. Kunk35

    Lake Bridgeport

    I'm checking out GoogleEarth and Streets and trips looking for new dive locations in the North Texas area. Does anyone know anything about Lake Bridgeport down by Denton?
  19. Kunk35

    DragonDive, Lake Murray, Dive Report

    I guess I'm the first one home so I'll start the trip report. What a great day to dive. I have a new respect for the bone ceremony. It predicted a suprise and sure enough, there was one. Just ask Richerso. I'll let him cover that story. Dive #1 - Max Depth 59', Recorded Temp - 42...
  20. Kunk35

    Dragon Quest , Murray, Saturday

    Dragon lair 2 will be set up at lake Murray this Saturday. The Johnny and I had so much fun polarbearing at CSSP on Tuesday, that we felt like we just didn't get enough cold water for our tastes. We're officially requesting the presence of fellow dragon divers, (and you know who you are), and...
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