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  1. ruready7

    How deep are you willing to go?

    Depends. This past Saturday I went to 125ft. I was wearing double 80s with over half a fill. For added safety I carried a 40cuft pony. So I did the dive with approx 125cuft. 50% more than a AL80.
  2. ruready7

    Motorcycle or SCUBA

    I have been hurt ridin my bike but not scuba (knock on wood). Like I told one of my friends if a fish pulls out in front of me no prob.....if car pulls out in front of me big prob.
  3. ruready7

    I'm Done

    Speedy recovery.
  4. ruready7

    Split fins v paddle fins

    I own Oceanic V-12 splits and also Hollis F1 paddles. Each has their own usages.
  5. ruready7

    Figuring out PSI at depth...

    Yes metric easier all because of the base
  6. ruready7

    Figuring out PSI at depth...

    Or try (depth in feet divided by 33) times 14.7
  7. ruready7

    Rec EXP wing suitable for singles and doubles?

    I dive double 80s currently and the DR Rec wing works well. I dont have as much experience as some of the other divers so take it for what it is worth.
  8. ruready7

    When to buy tanks?

    I have 2-AL80, 2-HP100, 2-HP120, 1-LP108, and 1-40. I have not regretted buyin my tanks. Makes it sure that I go diving.
  9. ruready7

    hose lengths

    For example my hose lengths are primary-7ft, secondary- 22inch, inflator-22inch, and SPG- 24inch. I am getting ready to try a 24inch hose for my secondary. You will need to decide what lengths work best for you. I have spent some time getting my gear configured but once you got it dialed in...
  10. ruready7

    Wetsuit thickness question...

    I dont have the Elastoprene suit but I have a Pinnacle 5/4mm Fusion with the Merino lining. I have been warm in water in the 5/4mm while others were warm in 7mm. I have since switched to a drysuit for colder water.
  11. ruready7

    Power inflator technique (on a short corrugated hose)

    I just recently switched to Transpac setup with shorter inflator hose. I grab my inflator with palm facing me. Thumb on inflator button...index finger on deflator button. Works well for me. Just try different ways til you find one that is comfortable for you. BTW I like the shorter hose...
  12. ruready7

    Just fun, inquiring divers wanted to

    When you doing it again and where can I get tickets!!!!!!!!
  13. ruready7

    Any downsides or upsides of OW qual in a quarry?

    I actually did more than the 1-2 dozen dives. I waited til I had over 70 before starting my AOW. I am also one that learned to dive in my local conditions of cool to cold and low viz water. When I go someplace warm and great viz it is a lot easier as some have said. I still realize that I...
  14. ruready7

    Which reg?

    Been using Delta 4 for year now without any problems in temps from 76 down to 42 degrees. No experience with the other.
  15. ruready7

    Best way to clean a dive slate?

    Another vote for toothpaste.
  16. ruready7

    iDeco 1.4 - Available NOW

    Im with you Docc no iphone but got if can get someone to design it for
  17. ruready7

    How big is your pony(ies)?

  18. ruready7

    steel tank size

    I have both the hp100 and hp120. I like the size of the hp100 over the hp120 out of water but in the water I dont noticed a difference.
  19. ruready7

    Dive Rite Transpac VS Metal Backplate

    I had a chance last week to dive doubles in my Transpac....all I got to say is WOW!! The setup was comfortable. Walking to the water in double 80s was easier than a single 100 in my other BCD. Now on the Transpac is my choice for whatever I plan to dive. The stabilizing plates are a must and...
  20. ruready7

    Couple of Firsts today...well 3 of them

    Mostly lakes but there have been some quarries.
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