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  1. Mike

    Apple Cult

    This video pretty much sums up the cattle like cult of non thinkers that Apple has been able to cultivate. I'm not bashing Apple, good for them, this kind of thing is the success you can get in the marketplace by reaching a tipping point of everybody wants to be in the cult... rdIWKytq_q4
  2. Mike

    Green Valley dive site?

    Has anyone heard of a dive site called something like 'Green Valley'? I was talking to somebody who had dived in the Coz/PDC area about 12 years ago and mentioned a dive site called green valley, described as a wall dive with reef about 60 feet deep before the drop off with a ripping north...
  3. Mike

    Blast from the past, NY times article, Scuba Club 16 years ago

    I stumbled across this article in the NY times while researching the main land for an upcoming trip. 16 year old article about coming to Cozumel and staying at Galapogos Inn(Scuba Club Cozumel ) six night dive package for $615.00 Taking 'less than an hour' getting to the reef on their dive...
  4. Mike

    Need a whale shark tour operator over labor day

    Hi, Travelling to Cancun over labor day. Looks like we will do the whale sharks again, this will be our 3rd time. 1st time we did it directly from Isla Mujeres. 2nd time we used Whale Shark Daddy and am not interested in using them again. Will have own car so will probably just meet them at...
  5. Mike

    RIP Robin Williams

    Can't believe another comedy great is gone. I grew up watching him on TV as Mork from Ork and it's so sad to see him gone and to realize we will never be blessed with his unique form of comedy ever again. So hard to understand how a person like him could not find anything worth living for...
  6. Mike

    pregnant reef shark or bull shark?

    Which one is it and how can you tell the difference?
  7. Mike

    Please stop feeding the sharks at half moon caye

    Had a pretty nerve racking experience with two sharks on the wall at half moon caye, had to bash one repeatedly in the head with my camera rig to defend myself and drive it off. It's painfully obvious that someone is feeding the sharks there based on their behavior. Somebody is going to get hurt.
  8. Mike

    Identify this shark please

    Photographed in Belize Is this same type of shark but pregnant?
  9. Mike

    Ears - over a long dive trip

    My wife has trouble with her ears, myself not so much, but over dive trips where you're diving multiple times a day every day I am very conscious of avoiding any trauma, being careful on equalizing... however, it still seems, and maybe it's as I'm getting older that my ears are bothering me more...
  10. Mike

    Turneffe Island Resort count down, what do I need to pack or know?

    Just a few days left to fly out to TIR for a well deserved week of diving and vegging out. Anything I should know, pack, expect, tips to know? I plan on packing my collapsible pocket fisherman rod to play around with since this is a huge salt water fly fishing place. Other than that...
  11. Mike

    Video for dummies 3 questions

    Sorry for these basic questions, I haven't shot any video in awhile and am planning a dive trip and am trying to get back up to speed. While I've shot some decent video in the past, I've never been positive that I've had all the right settings dialed in correctly and wonder if I'm doing...
  12. Mike

    Hell to Catch - please tell me you've seen this show!

    Has anybody seen any episodes? I think it plays on the weather channel. Oh my, please watch and let me know what you think. It's about commercial spear fishing On the episode I saw the captain of the boat gave his expert opinions and facts about DCS, when his female spear fishing diver...
  13. Mike

    Air Canada, are Canadians brain washed?

    All I've ever heard from Canadians is how great Air Canada is. We booked a trip to Europe on them and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. What gives? What exactly is so great about them? Horrible leg room, nasty seats, no entertainment system in the seat backs, they make you rent an Ipod for $10...
  14. Mike

    Turneffe island resort question sat-sat or wed-wed

    Trying to get a handle on the different stays they offer. It's either sat to sat or wed to wed. The wed option gives us a big air fare break. Is there any difference to the experience of going there and doing diving on a wed to wed schedule versus the sat to sat? I'm speculating that the...
  15. Mike

    Tiger Beach trip, opinions and experiences?

    I'm just starting to look at the options for tiger beach for my wife and myself, it seems like there are quite a few different operators offering diving and I'm trying to get an idea of the experience, what to expect, what not to expect, any tips anyone has or opinions. How long are the dives...
  16. Mike

    Good Cozumel write up in Diver Alert

    Diver Alert (DAN magazine) has a lot of Mexico write ups in it this month, including Cozumel and the Socorro islands. There is a Cozumel article that paints a nice picture of the place along with photos and even a good article about SMBs and even a primer on using a reel with one. If you don't...
  17. Mike

    Finally a technological breakthru for all those who can't snorkel

    Finally a technological breakthru for all those who can't snorkel VG-o0zW1o24
  18. Mike

    Deep diving advice that goes against conventional thought?

    I read this somewhere else and just don't understand it. This is written by someone with supposedly at least 1000 or more deep dives under their belt, everything written sounds like advice that would kill you, but if the poster is for real and this is what they do, they obviously aren't dead...
  19. Mike

    Problems with Google Chrome browser lately?

    Is anyone else experiencing any issues with scubaboard and google chrome browser lately? Sometimes pages hang up half loaded when opened in new tab.
  20. Mike

    Please rate these five islands for the diving

    I'd be interested in the opinions of those who know to rate these locations in order of their diving from best to worst and why : St Thomas St Croix Grenada Dominica St Kitts Thanks
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