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  1. Desert_Diver

    Death at Utah's Crater

    Free diver dies in Utah's Crater (Homestead Resort). In session scuba class recovered body and unsucessfully attempted resuscitation. Family sues Utah resort over diver
  2. Desert_Diver

    Crater, Heber, UT Update

    Just for giggles and grins, I thought I would post this update on the status of diving the Crater at Homestead Resort in Heber, Utah. I was diving there on Sunday, Feb 15. As soon as I got in the water, I noticed the viz was worse than usual. As I was looking around with the trusty dive light...
  3. Desert_Diver

    Travel Security Concerns

    For those of you traveling through LAX while checking expensive dive gear or photography equipment: December 20, 2008: Airport baggage handlers stealing stuff from luggage, and cargo, is an old, and persistent, problem. Terrorism is much less of a problem, partly because of all the additional...
  4. Desert_Diver

    IQ800 and Humidity

    I have had a problem with my IQ800 going into Dive Mode and staying there in high humidity environments, eg Bonaire, Palau, Yap, etc. You cannot get into Log Mode, nor can you set your Nitrox mix when this happens. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you correct it (short of going into an...
  5. Desert_Diver

    Sea Mode in DC-800

    Denise- Several DC-800 camera owners have observed that when the DC-800 is in Sea Mode, what you see in the view finder is much brighter than the corresponding photo that results. Can you explain to us what is happening. Why is the picture so much darker than we expect from what we see in...
  6. Desert_Diver

    Utah Commercial Diving Accident

    Commercial Diving Accident Salt Lake Tribune story Salt Lake Tribune - Diver drowns in Panguitch Lake Diver drowns in Panguitch Lake The Salt Lake Tribune Article Last Updated: 10/31/2007 01:41:54 AM MDT A member of a professional diving team drowned Tuesday in Panguitch Lake...
  7. Desert_Diver

    Whale Attacks Snorkler

    This falls under the catagory of "When you see a grizzly cub and his momma, don't touch either one". The victim, whose name I have asterisked (if that's a real word) is a LDS owner in the Salt Lake Valley. The story is quoted from the local ABC affiliate, Channel 4 TV. A whale of a...
  8. Desert_Diver

    Nekton Rorqual Caymen Oct 7- Oct 14 Rep

    I just returned from the Nekton Rorqual live aboard to the Cayman Islands. As usual, the Nekton folks did a fine job. My other Nekton trip was in the Bahamas with the Nekton Pilot. It turns out that Nelson and his crew are every bit as friendly, helpful, and eager to please as Ephey and his crew...
  9. Desert_Diver

    TUSA IQ-800 Question

    Some time ago, I ordered the TUSA IQ-800 dive computer. Due to back orders and other unexplained delays, it finally arrived today. I read the manual but was puzzled by the page devoted to "PC Transfer Mode". This page tells you how to put the computer in the "PC Transfer Mode" and shows pictures...
  10. Desert_Diver


    I am new to ScubaBoard although I have been lurking just beyond the edge of the fire light for a while now. I have noticed a couple of things and have at least one question. A lot of the correspondents are somewhat opinionated but the details of their messages get lost in the excessive use of...
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