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  1. mathauck0814

    Understating Qualification on Charter Boats

    Splitting this out from another thread as it's off topic for that discussion. The initial context was around understating your qualifications on a dive boat charter. To address the questions in the above... There's no lie in claiming to be an AOW diver. You are an AOW diver. You may have...
  2. mathauck0814

    Oahu Recommendations

    Buddy of mine got stationed in Oahu so I'm heading that way to help break in the place. Looking for recommendations on dive shops, boats, charters, operators who meet the following criteria: 1. Rebreather support (I can bring sorb, they must have access to oxygen, with advanced notice I can...
  3. mathauck0814

    I wish my instructor would have...

    In another thread, we momentarily spun out down the path of things we'd wished our instructor might have known/done/been that was different from our experiences. One example given by a poster was wishing that the his instructor was in better physical condition. It got me thinking about the...
  4. mathauck0814

    CCR Support at Ningaloo

    Anyone familiar with the area know of resorts, shops, liveaboards or day boats which provide rebreather support? Looking at a few week trip for May 2014.
  5. mathauck0814

    Resort owner shot and killed The victim in question is (was?) the owner of Anilao Beach Club, a resort where I've booked a longstanding group for Thanksgiving (US). What would you do...
  6. mathauck0814

    Trip Report: Nautilus Explorer and the Sea of Cortez

    Last September my wife, Ashley, and I joined some friends in Cabo for a non-diving weekend of adult beverages and general debauchery. To our surprise, we were able to get in a day of diving with the good folks at Nautilus Dive Tech. While this is not meant to be a review of NDT, I feel I...
  7. mathauck0814

    Light Monkey 21W LED - Goodman Handle

    Does anyone know the size of the screws used to affix the goodman handle to the light head for the LM21WLED? My screws backed out on a dive (both of them, same dive, bizarre) and were lost to the sea. I ordered a new Light Monkey goodman handle from DRIS but it came without hardware (which is...
  8. mathauck0814

    Service kit / O-ring spec for PST HP Steel Tanks & Sherwood Genesis 5k psi valve

    Does anyone know what size O-rings are required for the valves shipped commonly on the HP PST steel tanks? Specifically looking for the tank neck O-ring. I've struck out finding viton/O2 compatible service kits so I'm hoping they're standard sizes that I can cobble up.
  9. mathauck0814

    Trip Report - Ginnie Springs and Tortuga Charters

    So the wife and I just got back from a truly fantastic trip east. Our intention was to do the Intro to Cave course with Avery Chipka in High Springs and then spend a few days breaking in the skill set. Tropical Storm Debby had other plans for us. We got through two days of training and before...
  10. mathauck0814

    A new adventure

    After over a year of hand wringing and countless hours of hounding any CCR diver I could find with an endless barrage of questions, I finally made my first rebreather purchase this morning. Initially I had identified the evolution+ as the likely candidate, then the meg and ultimately the rEvo...
  11. mathauck0814

    Inflator valve removal/replacement

    Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I have the Fusion with the Bullet skin. I took the skin off to do some maintenance on the core layer and had to remove the valves in order to do so. When I removed the valves, I didn't see anything in the way of glue, caulk or other sealant. Did my...
  12. mathauck0814

    Next Suit: Santi v. DUI v. Other

    I am inching toward replacing my Whites Fusion suit with a different model (for a lot of reasons which are well documented elsewhere on this board). For the purposes of this discussion, let's not assume that cost is a primary factor, but should be in there someplace. I had the Fusion for about...
  13. mathauck0814

    Best Tech Instructors

    There's a fair few technical instructors out there and there are more than a fair few technical divers on this forum. I've personally trained with Chris Brown (Silent World) for some of my deep ocean diving and Avery Chipka (Indian Valley Scuba) for cave training (Both, incidentally, I would...
  14. mathauck0814

    To all the Fusion owners out there...

    I know there's a fair few of you who own this suit. Mine is one of the Fusion Bullets and I've got a couple of quick questions. a. Has anyone swapped the skin? I thoroughly dislike the bullet skin. On top of being heavy, it takes two days to dry in full sunlight and is a pain in the arse...
  15. mathauck0814

    Pervasive "Going Pro" Theme in New Divers

    How many times a week do we come across the "0-24 Dive" divers who are looking for advice on equipment, courses, etc. in their grand pursuit of becoming a DM/Instructor/DiveGod? I'm curious what about the scuba industry engenders this. I was a ski instructor, racer, race coach, instructor...
  16. mathauck0814

    New Shop in La Jolla?

    I'm not associated with these guys at all, I just happened across this on another board and didn't see any information about it here. Sounds like a decent time if you have plans to be around LJ for some diving this weekend. Free fills and free food - how can you go wrong?
  17. mathauck0814

    How many divers

    For any of you that have knowledge of such things - how many divers does it take for a boat trip to make sense? Obviously it depends on the boat/fuel consumption/crew level and how far you're going. I had a local SD boat cancel both of my trips this weekend when "not enough people signed up"...
  18. mathauck0814

    Your thoughts on basing from Placencia?

    I'll preface this with the fact that I haven't been to Belize in 11 years. I'm looking at a trip that I want to wrap up with 4-5 days of 3-4 tank/day diving. My wife and I are both, "technical divers" though we have no requirement to do this type of diving in Belize. I guess what I'm looking...
  19. mathauck0814

    Drysuit exhaust valve

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but after my shore dive last night I managed to pop the rotating plastic cover off my drysuit exhaust valve (on the shoulder) off the valve assembly and was unable to locate it. I brought my suit into a local shop that deals in my particular...
  20. mathauck0814

    Season opener?

    So - despite our best efforts (licenses ready, gear configured, all tanks filled, cooler stocked). The boat had a broken engine and we spent the weekend on the dock instead of reaping the harvest out in the CI. Any great pictures of your hauls to cheer me up?
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