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  1. Diver OnLu

    Curaçao - A Unique Shore Diving Haven

    Hi, this is Andreas of Go West Diving Curaçao. I keep reading questions and opinions about solo diving options on Curaçao on this forum, so I would like to give some first-hand information regarding the current solo diving policy of our operation: In the past we used to run a strict no solo...
  2. Diver OnLu

    Curacao question on surface markers/dive flags and lionfish hunting

    Hi, This is Andreas of Go West Diving. Just to avoid misunderstandings: absolutely sharing Mark's (aka Saturated and satisfied) view on Lionfish hunting, as a general rule we don't support tourist divers hunting Lionfish: no spear or zookeeper rental, no hunting from our boats. So Daniel's...
  3. Diver OnLu

    Trip Report Curacao Trip Report - April 2014

    Hello everybody, This is just to clarify the question about paying at Playa Kalki: The beach entry is public, so anybody can gear up on the parking lot, walk down the stairs to the beach, and dive from there without paying any fees. When you come down the main flight of stairs, and turn left...
  4. Diver OnLu

    Curacao and Sidemount diving.

    No, sorry, all our valves are standard valves, opening from the right-hand side; nothing specifically altered for connecting bungies; we don't have opposing valves.
  5. Diver OnLu

    Curacao and Sidemount diving.

    We (Go West Diving) have DIN tanks available at both our locations - All West Apartments (only accessible to apartment guests), and at Playa Kalki. Both our locations are in Westpunt. We have our own filling stations to fill our tanks. Best regards, and safe diving, Andreas
  6. Diver OnLu

    Solo air rental near blue bay?

    Hi Wicket, Usually there's always divers staying at Marazul, so you may meet some buddies already at the resort. If you hang out at our place a bit you probably will see folks getting ready to dive who may not mind to have some extra company. And of course we can ask guests of ours, so as...
  7. Diver OnLu

    Solo air rental near blue bay?

    Hi guys, I'm working for Go West Diving and All West Apartments, so let me clarify the solo diving question raised here: We don't support solo diving of any sort, we don't rent gear or tanks to solo divers, and we don't accept solo diving from our facilities. I know there will always be...
  8. Diver OnLu

    best dive resorts on Curacao

    At we offer 2-tank boat trips in the morning, and 1-tank boat trips in the afternoon, except for Wednesday and Saturday, on those days we run a dedicated snorkel trip in the afternoon. Some of the very best dive sites on the North-West side of Curaçao are definitely not...
  9. Diver OnLu

    Need suggestions re diving/accomodations in Curacao

    That is very sad, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your family member will recover soon!
  10. Diver OnLu

    Need suggestions re diving/accomodations in Curacao

    While I wouldn't follow the argument of the coral structure making it easier for predators, and I think the fish life at Mushroom Forest is not bad at all, I still think we have quite some more interesting boat dive sites in the area, like Rediho, Scooter, Sponge Forest, Watamula, Elvin's Plane...
  11. Diver OnLu

    Allwest Apartments - room selection advice

    I would assume the bigger supermarkets to be closed on New Year's Eve by the time you get out of the airport, but probably there's a chance to get some basics at one of the Chinese shops on the way from the airport to Westpunt. Maybe try to get a dinner reservation @ Sol Food for 8pm? Full...
  12. Diver OnLu

    Allwest Apartments - room selection advice

    Diversteve is right about Sol Food, and I would guess they will be open on New Year's Eve since it's a Saturday. Another very good restaurant in the area is Trio Penotti, on the other side of the road by the Christoffel Park entrance @ 5-10 minutes driving from Westpunt. Normally they are open...
  13. Diver OnLu

    Need suggestions re diving/accomodations in Curacao

    Hi Dogbowl, I work for Go West Diving, so please excuse me should any of my suggestions seem somewhat biased! On a long-stretched island like Curaçao without any great public transport options from one end to the other unfortunately it's impossible to be flexible without renting a car. One...
  14. Diver OnLu

    Allwest Apartments - room selection advice

    Hi TK, I work for both All West Apartments and Go West Diving, but I'll try to answer your question from my private point of view: with 4 adults traveling together I would rather go for two Studios or two Junior Apartments. You mentioned the privacy aspect, and brother and sister sharing a...
  15. Diver OnLu

    Heading to Curacao in a few weeks - few questions

    Hi Steve, For divers picking up tanks at GWD to go shore diving at other locations we offer an upstairs tank pick up/drop off for quite a while already. Tanks can be taken and returned anytime during our opening hours, 8am till 5pm. Just notify the shop staff, and we will open the upstairs...
  16. Diver OnLu

    Heading to Curacao in a few weeks - few questions

    Hi mbs, I work for both All West Apartments and Go West Diving. I've seen a lot of answers to your questions browsing the other comments already, so I'll focus on the gear storage/moving around: If you plan to do shore dives in the afternoon after your boat dives, and you want to move around...
  17. Diver OnLu

    Curacao: New tank pick-up / drop-off service @ Go West Diving, Playa Kalki

    Good news for Westpunt shore divers: The Go West Diving tank pick-up and drop-off service on the Playa Kalki parking lot started today for a test phase - no more hauling tanks up and down the stairs! Please visit us during shop opening hours, daily 8 am till 5 pm. We will continue having...
  18. Diver OnLu

    Curacao am I on the right track?

    Hi, This is Andreas from Go West Diving at Playa Kalki in Westpunt. Staying at Lagun you will have many options around to go shore diving. Just be aware that not all beaches have dive operators on site. So get some information from your closest dive shop regarding where you can rent tanks...
  19. Diver OnLu

    sea snake information requested -- Curacao

    Hi, Did it look like this? That's a Goldspotted Eel. All the best from Curaçao, Andreas
  20. Diver OnLu

    Curacao - first timer 4 day trip suggestions/assistance

    Hi Eric, I work for Go West Diving, and you and your son will definitely be more than welcome to dive with us in March next year! Thank you to everyone who already provided information, also for recommending our operation to our fellow SB member. I would like to add some advice for the boat...
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