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  1. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! $100-Reel

    Manta Jr Reel for sale
  2. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! SOLD—$250 - Stage/Deco set—SOLD

    Apeks DST first stage (swivel, no fifth port) Dive Rite XT2 Second Stage first stage serviced winter 2020/2021 Second stage purchased new 2021 Downsizing regulator stash. Worked wonderfully during ice diving class in february 2021.
  3. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! Dive Rite HP50 Can Light

    Is this still available?
  4. Cr.padlo

    For Sale Yoke Valve

    Swapped to a convertible valve-no longer have a need for this one. Recommend service before use, has been sitting inside closet for over a year. $35 OBO
  5. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! PST HP80 (IL)(2x)

    VIP was done January 2021
  6. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! PST HP80 (IL)(2x)

    Selling 2 HP80’s $250 each or $450 for both Located in Aurora, IL Pick up only Both are PST, and come with a boot Both are PST E7-80 series Currently filled with Air Have a 200 Bar DIN valve Tank 1 Born October 2005 Last Hydro January 2021 VIP’ed January 2021 Tank 2 Born February 200 Last...
  7. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! SOLD-Large Meshtec Top Undergarment-SOLD

    Selling a Large, Meshtec Drysuit thermal top. Won it in a contest, but never worn. Will cover shipping in CONUS. Will consider offers
  8. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! Apeks XTX Sidemount regs

    And Im assuming that it has the swivel and 5th LP port?
  9. Cr.padlo

    SOLD!!! Apeks XTX Sidemount regs

    Out of curiosity-have you registered them in your name for the free parts for life program? And if not, do you still have your original receipt?
  10. Cr.padlo

    Heel Slip in DUI Rock Boots

    DUI only sells boots in full sizes (ie 10, 11). I am inbetween sizes, and advice on how to manage it so that my heel doesnt slip up and down when finning? When it does, I can only use the front halfo f my foot to actually fin, as my heel isnt in contact with the boot. The rockboots dont...
  11. Cr.padlo

    Front Zip Drysuit-Self Donning Solo

    Any tips and advice on zipping up the last 3 inches or so of a drysuit? I have a front zip DUI drysuit, but once it gets to that last little portion up by my shoulder, I cant get the right angle to pull the zipper.
  12. Cr.padlo

    Polar Diving Regulators

    I am planning on joining a couple of polar expeditions (Arctic and Southern Oceans) in the next couple of years. Since polar waters can be sub zero (29-34F/-2-1C), what regulators are recommended? Ive been recommended to look into the Apeks MTX line. I will be setting this rregulator style up...
  13. Cr.padlo

    Diving in the Arctic

    What regulators do people use for the Arctic? I have Zeagle ZX/DS-V primaries on both of my regulator sets, and a Zeagle F8 octo on one, and an Oceanic Alpha 9 on the other. Im starting to consider trips to the polar regions and wanted to know if anyone has used these regulators in cold...
  14. Cr.padlo

    HP Quick Disconnect for Transmitters and Multiple Regulators

    I have two regulator sets that I use quite frequently. I do not like to leave it on the reg when in transit, as I like to keep it with my dive computer when possible. I also have two regulator sets that I use. I was recommended a QD from scubapro...
  15. Cr.padlo

    Question about Valve Types and First Stages

    That’s what I thought-just wanted to double check. I suppose this is a follow up common are Nitrox specific tanks in Europe? And is the adapter for the tank, or the first stage?
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