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  1. alijtaylor

    Raj Ampat water temps in December

    I am booked on Mermaid 1 in December, I can't wait, but I am a little uncertain on the exposure protection to take. I have dived very happily in a skin in the Solomons and PNG in about 28C or 29C and not bothering with a wet suit really appeals. If you have a record of the temps you...
  2. alijtaylor

    Grey reef shark or silky?

    Location - Solomon Islands; depth about 30m. I assumed these guys were grey reef sharks but the somewhat stubby dorsal fin made me wonder - and the picutre of the grey reef shark in my ID book is not good.. Suggestions welcome. [/IMG] And again Thanks Alison
  3. alijtaylor

    Solomon Island unknown

    Hi here is another I cannot recognise from the Solomon Islands. It was in about 5m of water, there were two of them and they were quite small, perhaps 2 or 3cm. Thanks for any help. Alison
  4. alijtaylor

    Colourfull unknown

    Hi The attached is a poor photo but that is usually the way of it. The fish is about 8 inches long, spotted in 5m of water, under coral on a beach in the Solomon Islands (Melanesia). Behaviour - it darted about a lot under a rock and back out (hence the poor photo). Suggestions...
  5. alijtaylor

    Ikelite DS51 and Canon G10 won't fire

    Hi everyone I upgraded a little while ago from an ancient Canon Powershot s50 to a Canon G10. Today I am trying for the first time to set the Ikelite DS51 up with the new camera. I am using the slave strobe, the camera internal flash is set to first curtain, the slave controller is pointed...
  6. alijtaylor

    Solomon Island Shots

    In response to one of my admiring comments on his photgraphic work Gilligan commented that living in the Solomon Islands must give me access to some of the best diving left on the planet. I believe it does but I've never felt my photos could do it justice. In the hope that I might inspire...
  7. alijtaylor

    Amputee swims like a mermaid

    I thought this was very cool. An NZ woman without legs has had Weta Workshops, who did the special effects for Lord of the Rings, devise a mermaid tail prosthetic. It is worth opening the link for the picture Mermaid dream comes true thanks to Weta - New Zealand news on "Nadya...
  8. alijtaylor

    Solomon sojourn - trip report

    I recently had three weeks diving in the Solomons, Gizo, Uepi and a week on Bilikiki. In summary a great place for tropical diving (30C water) - this report will briefly summarise my impresions of each location (I wasn't anywhere long enough to claim it is more than my impression) with a few...
  9. alijtaylor

    Visiting Pembrokshire

    Hi UK Divers I will be in UK for two weeks in July and look to have a couple of spare days (mid week) in Wales. I've done a bit of googling and it seems most operators only schedule trips at weekends. As there will only be one of me I am not looking to charter a boat, but would be keen to get...
  10. alijtaylor

    82 Year Old Diver Rescued from a Rock

    You have to love a story like this, I hope I am still capable of this sort of coverage at 82: 82-year-old diver rescued from rock An 82-year-old man was rescued from a rock during a diving trip in the Bay of Islands. The man went out in his boat alone about 9.30am yesterday and the...
  11. alijtaylor

    Question about diving depths in Similan Islands

    Hi We are heading on a three day liveaboard to the Similans at the end of the month. We enquired from the operator we are booked with, Sea Bees, about the depths of the dives and were advised 25m-40m. From what I understand it is pretty much a standard Similans itinerary. My housing is...
  12. alijtaylor

    Milford Sound Diving

    Milford Sound is often cited as one of the places you really should dive in NZ. But it is a bit out of the way and is cool water diving, so the majority of the NZ diving population has probably not been there. Also, one side of the sound is marine reserve so the majority of the NZ diving...
  13. alijtaylor

    Failure to switch to shoot mode - Canon S50

    I have occassionally had a problem with my canon s50. It is in the housing, the retractable slide cover is retracted from the lens and the camera will turn on.. But it will only turn on to replay mode and won't swith to shoot mode. It has happened to me maybe 1/2 dozen time in three years...
  14. alijtaylor

    Similans Water temps April

    I have searched and didn't find what I was after.. Short story. I won a three day liveaboard trip from Khao Lak to Similans (have to pay to get there but what the hell). Buddy and I have decided to take the trip 31 March to 2 April. I am impressed with the current descriptions of...
  15. alijtaylor

    What is this Fish?

    I don't imagine it is obscure but I can't find it in my one coral reef book. How big? about 10 to 15cm I think. Where? on a reef in Paua New Guinea at around 10m Observed behaviour - can't rememeber anything apart from what is in the photo! Any help much appreciated Alison
  16. alijtaylor

    Shark ID assistance requested

    Hi I have just come back from a great trip to Milne Bay in PNG on FeBrina (report here) and have a number of photos of shark action. I have both the following noted as whitetip reef sharks but they are clearly different - any suggestions? Thanks Alison
  17. alijtaylor

    PNG Land Travel

    My intention to visit PNG started with the diving but once I had that sorted I added some land travel. I travelled by a combination of air, private vehicle, PMV and on foot. PMVs, the local public transport are cheap, crowded and pretty much like public transport in other third world counties...
  18. alijtaylor

    PNG Trip Report

    The Island of New Britain sits, like a crescent moon on its back, to the East of the main island of PNG. It is volcanically active and the horizons to the South and East are dominated by perfect cones. We were diving reefs and the caldera of extinct (I’m told there is no such thing)...
  19. alijtaylor

    PNG Walindi Rental Gear?

    Hi, I have a Febrina liveaboard trip booked from and returning to Walindi in late September. I was planning on taking all my own gear but I am also doing an 8 day walk in the Highlands first and the logistics of getting an unaccompanied dive bag to Madang, where I will spend a few days...
  20. alijtaylor

    Sea and Sea Macro Lens with Digital Camera

    Hi all I own a Canon Powershot s50 in a Canon WP DC300 housing and I want a macro lens to go with it. Inon will fit but they attach via the tripod screw attachment in the base where my Ikelite tray is already attached to support my strobe. I have had a couple of suggestions on te Canon forum...
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