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  1. industrious95

    Looking for NJ Divers

    A couple of us old geezers charter a Belmar NJ dive boat (The Venture 3) to get out midweek every week or two. Hoping to get some fresh blood to join us. On a typical day, we do 3 dives to 80 feet or thereabouts. Most of us like to spearfish or catch lobsters. Dive sites include shipwrecks...
  2. industrious95

    DUI dry suits price differences

    I had a DUI Noresman for about 25 years. It is fairly similar to the TLS, a well made, tough as nails drysuit. It was a no-frills, trilam that i used in 35 degree winter dives, 70 degree summer dives and everything in between. Over 25 years went through two zippers, countless seals. It was...
  3. industrious95

    DUI Yukon II - Early Impressions

    I have a Yukon drysuit, purchased 2 + years ago. Started leaking along some seams after about 60 dives. Although the suit was out of warranty, my LDS sent it into DUI and they didn't charge me for the repairs, although it still cost $85 for leak testing and about $80 for shipping round trip...
  4. industrious95

    December 2017 trip - pacific Costa Rica

    Did you ever make plans for your Guanacaste trip? Just had the opportunity open to me for Christmas week and looking for dive options.
  5. industrious95

    Am I going to die? BCD repair

    If there's a bad gasket or worn spot losing 50% in 24 hrs, how do you know it's not going to fail when you're at 80 feet and you try to add some air to the BCD? I know it's a common argument on ScubaBoard, but there are plenty of dry suit divers that use the dry suit for buoyancy and the BCD...
  6. industrious95

    DUI Yukon vs. OMS Coronado

    I'm getting ready to buy a new drysuit. I have a 25 year old DUI Norseman, and aside from the fact that it's had so many repairs that it's now nothing more than a zipper, seals and 8 pounds of Aquaseal, I loved swimming in the suit want to stay in a DUI. Does anyone know the any difference...
  7. industrious95

    Any DUI Yukon owners out there?

    My 25 year old DUI Norseman is a tad worn out, and it's time for a replacement. Looking at picking up a DUI Yukon and taking advantage of their trade-in promotion. Does anyone who owns a Yukon have a few minutes to post a short review? I dive in NJ, about 50 dives a year, and dry is the only...
  8. industrious95

    DUI announces new Trade Up Program

    Kathy, Is the trade up program applied to purchasing the OMS Sand Diego Dry Suit?
  9. industrious95

    For Sale Bare NexGen Drysuit XL $250 OBO

    Is this suit still available?
  10. industrious95

    Relief Zipper Leaking - But Can't Figure Out Where (photos Attached)

    Thanks Stoo. Yes, I saw bubbles in those three corners. Guess some Aquaseal around the inside seam wouldn't hurt, better than spending $350 for a new zipper.
  11. industrious95

    Relief Zipper Leaking - But Can't Figure Out Where (photos Attached)

    Starting last May, I began to get very wet from the waist down. (45 min dives to 80/90 ft). After an entire season of carrying three sets of underwear on the boat with me, I think it's time to fix the problem. I leak tested the suit yesterday with some baby shampoo and found it was leaking...
  12. industrious95

    DUI Weight Harness

    I've been using the DUI Weight harness about 15 years with a dry suit and a variety of different BPWs. Lately, using an OMS IQ backpack w/Aluminum plate mounted internal & STA . The weights sit at my waist on the sides, and the harness closes slightly below my belly button. Maybe it took a...
  13. industrious95

    Open boat Friday 8/14 in Belmar NJ

    We've got room for two divers this Friday in Belmar NJ. 3 dives, 80-90 ft depths. Probably visit one wreck and two rock piles for lobster hunting and spearfishing. PM for more details if you're interested in joining us.
  14. industrious95

    What are the best wrecks in your home waters?

    There are about a dozen NJ dive boats. A few run "Open Boat" trips, but most tend to do charters, either with clubs or dive shops. Personally, I like the Venture 3 in Belmar and the Gypsy Blood in Point Pleasant, both have great captains and great crews. I charter the Venture 3 with a group...
  15. industrious95

    5mm scuba mitts Medium

    I have a pair of neoprene 3 finger mittens for sale. These are thick gloves, ideal for temperatures below 70 degrees. We use them up here in NJ, where spring water temperatures are still in the high 50's to low 60's and they do a great job of keeping your fingers warm. The mittens are a...
  16. industrious95

    Belmar NJ Dive trip Friday July 10th - room for a couple divers

    The Venture 3 out of Belmar NJ will be going out this Friday, July 10th, for a 3 tank trip, visiting 3 dive sites, for spearfishing and lobster hunting. 80 FSW or so. We've got room for a couple of divers. PM me if interested. DSAO!
  17. industrious95

    Need latex seals, what size?

    Hi Kathy, I need a set of latex seals for my DUI Norseman. The circumference of the material at the wrist-seal junction is 13-1/4". Do you have it available as a retail part I can buy from DUI? I've looked on-line but can't find it anywhere, and all the latex seals I find are 11"...
  18. industrious95

    Replacing dry suit seals - where do I measure?

    Thanks Herb. It seems that most of the seals I'm seeing on-line have a circumference of 11" where the latex meets the suit. My DUI has a circumference of 13-1/4 inch at the end of the arm where the seal is attached. So, stretching the seal to the suit would mean that the latex is constantly...
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