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  1. Nathan Doty

    Tovatec flashlight, light, venice area florida

    Howdy all, I lost my flashlight while diving for meg teeth over by Venice Beach in Florida. It's a tovatec brand, I don't know the model. It's a barrel type with LED and magnetic switch. And it should have the male end of a retractor clip attached. I found exactly 0 teeth and lost my best...
  2. Nathan Doty

    Want to Buy Free yoke style 1st

    Misc bits and pieces I have, relieving pressure isn't an issue. I just need a 1st to attach everything.
  3. Nathan Doty

    Want to Buy Free yoke style 1st

    NOT TO DIVE WITH, I'm not crazy :) Buy I have a spare spg and I DON'T have a quick and easy way to check tank pressure without breaking out my reg set. If you have a junker 1st stage good enough to be a garage tool and nothing else that you want it out of your way, please let me know.
  4. Nathan Doty

    regulator standards

    I'm incredibly well aware of the process. I stand by my statement :laugh:
  5. Nathan Doty

    Question re: water in my mask

    Mustache wax, cheap and effective. And it washes out easy. Or... get a better mask. My 1st one was a pain. I would trim to skin at the upper part, use wax and it would 'usually' work. I switched to a frameless silicone and don't do anything, works. I might need to clear a tiny bit, and that...
  6. Nathan Doty

    Boat Diving Etiquette

    Did you see that 'viral' clip a while back about a teenager being a royal baby on a boat "I WAAANT TO GOOOOO FIIIISHING!" and the capt just pushes him overboard. Hillarious.
  7. Nathan Doty

    regulator standards

    Mil spec is the lowest possible cost to perform the bare minimum. It's not a yay! moment to be labeled mil-spec.
  8. Nathan Doty

    Time for kids to turn money into bubbles

    I'm space coast florida. There are a few good shops near me. If you're by the keys there are a billion shops.
  9. Nathan Doty

    Stripping paint off tank

    I'd do that for $11. I spend 7 or 8 on a can of cold zinc and only get 2 tanks out of it. $11 without the work, done deal IMO.
  10. Nathan Doty

    Is it really a good deal and don’t buy used especially when new to diving

    I look at wetsuits the same as underwear, only new for me. Gear though is gear. Regulators are fairly simple (I know they're not) and they haven't changed too much in the last several years. A used one that has been serviced is pretty much as good as new one. My first tanks were at least 30...
  11. Nathan Doty

    Is it really a good deal and don’t buy used especially when new to diving

    Add $50 onto the price of any used gear so you can get it serviced. The only new I've had has been tanks and wetsuit. Bc, give it a visual and make sure it holds air. Anything you breathe through needs a service.
  12. Nathan Doty

    Scuba Quiz

    Expansion isn't a risk, the air in the car doesn't compress anywhere close to enough to be a problem!. At the bottom you're breathing at close enough to surface pressure to not matter.
  13. Nathan Doty


    I like the upright float on the surface the jacket gives. And that's it. I hate the belly squeeze. And since you should be spending most of your time not floating at the surface....
  14. Nathan Doty

    Is it really a good deal and don’t buy used especially when new to diving

    I dive a transpac (no k), I like it. Basically nite a soft backplate/wing. And yes I'm saying that just to irritate somebody... But I like it quite a bit.
  15. Nathan Doty

    Used Scuba gear

    All my gear is used. I factor in a service with the cost. So far I haven't been burned, 2 bc's 2 full reg sets, 5 safe 2nds, 3 computers, 8 tanks, 3 sets of fins, 2 lights... I think the only 'new' I've bought has been a couple wetsuits, a pair of fins, and 2 masks. It's always a risk but so...
  16. Nathan Doty

    AL80 v AL100 (Luxfer) @ 200bar

    Get a steel hp100. You'll have a smaller tank with less weight, which will keep your consumption down, and you'll still have the capacity. Or get a steel hp80, and have a TINY tank with a little less air. When I was diving on 72's I usually had about the same air left as others on their...
  17. Nathan Doty

    What paint are you using for tanks ?

    Everyone has their tastes, if you want a pretty tank, you want a pretty tank. If you want one that's all buggered up, that's what you want. No biggie. I've painted several using plasti-dip. It's a rubber coating and you just peel it off when you're done. It's ok for durability, doesn't flake...
  18. Nathan Doty

    Someone should make Among Us tank valve protectors

    Making them in 3 color (body, white, black) would be expensive. I can mold things, that would not be the easiest thing I've done.
  19. Nathan Doty

    Have some vintage equipment and looking for input

    I'd like the mask for my shelf :)
  20. Nathan Doty

    Looking for a gear clip and if they still make it?

    Youre making this waaaaay harder than need be. Go to hobby lobby or any craft shop. That is the generic plastic 2 piece clip you'll find everywhere for a quarter.