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    Camaro D1 Hybrid XL Drysuit with all accessories

    The suit has maybe 20 dives on it, it's like brand-new. If you're not familiar, it's a $3500 drysuit that has everything standard - it has two thigh pockets (expandable), integral boots, a unique integrated undergarment system (undergarment is removable and lighter garments can be used), a...
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    Anybody heard about this incident?

    Scuba Diver Dies Off the Coast of Point Loma - San Diego 6 I'm not familiar with the operation - and was this a group trip from here?
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    I'm looking for a captain who just moved to HI

    His nickname is "Curly", and he likely is either a hand or a captain of a dive boat somewhere in HI. He was captain of a Truth Aquatics boat in Santa Barbara, CA until recently. I'm coming to Maui in May and it would be epic if I wound up on a boat with him. Anybody know of this guy? Young...
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    The catalina trip thread has me wondering...

    in looking at scuba science's website, they've got a two-day trip this weekend on the Sand Dollar. did it go???? Also, they've got a three-day trip scheduled (at least on the website) for October 16-19, and November 27-30. The great escape website doesn't show any of this, in fact, it shows...
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    4 slots left for a Truth Aquatics 3-day Sept 18-20

    pm me if you're interested in going on a Truth Aquatics trip on Sept 18-20 (you'd need to be on the boat the night of Sept 17) with a group of experienced non-hunters (and mostly photogs). This is a private trip with some folks from the website, it's the seventh annual trip...
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    Another great Maui trip is in the books -thanks B and B!

    I was there June 17-24, did some dives with B and B and Lahaina Divers. We stayed at the Grand Wailea, so Kihei Boat ramp was very convenient. Brad's boat is generally the first one out of the gates, giving us first pick on the sites. And, because it's first out, it's first in, giving us the...
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    just booked for Maui, again (+)

    But, unfortuantely, not until June next year (for my parent's sixtieth anniversary, they want to go back to Maui for the fourth time in five years). Kidspot, you were a great dive guide in January with myself and my buddy shore diving at five graves. I'll have two 16-year-olds with just a few...
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    Can anyone do drysuit seals in-shop?

    I have a USIA-made drysuit and need seals ASAP. Anyone have an x-large neck and wrist seals that can put them on this week? Looking for latex, but I'm in a bind now. LDS hasn't come through. I'm in Phoenix.
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    what shop has the most drysuit divers and..

    books the most and/or best liveaboard trips to SoCal? Most of the drysuit divers have abandoned my LDS, apparently, and the number of liveaboard trips has been diminished. So, anyone got a shop or a fun group that loves colder-water diving?
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    need help with computer and compass wrist mount

    I am finally going DIR and have an older Oceanic Data Plus 2 hockey-puck style computer I need to wrist-mount, along with the compass out of the console. I would like to mount both bungee-style. First, anybody got any ideas for the computer? Second, should I just go ahead and buy a...