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  1. aowdan

    Cannot wait to start

    welcome to sb!!! and to diving. you will find that it is just completely absorbing...good luck and dive as much as you can...
  2. aowdan

    Boat Leasing

    A friend of mine is going to Destin around July and needs some info about leasing/renting a boat for a few days of diving. Anybody got any info lemme know!!!
  3. aowdan

    Tallahassee woman dies diving off Key Largo

    hey, i know more than you do. no, i know more than you. no you don't. i learned from.... well, you are wrong because i learned from... i think dktexas54 has it right. and thank you jonkranhouse for the pfo info, i had forgotten about that.
  4. aowdan

    New to Board from IL/IA area

    welcome!!! this is a great place!!!
  5. aowdan

    new diver

    welcome to the world of diving and SB!!!
  6. aowdan

    Hello From Indiana/Ohio

  7. aowdan

    greeting from hungary

    congrats on joining us!!!
  8. aowdan

    Scubaboard Legal Defense Fund

    i donated my 2 cents....
  9. aowdan

    Springfest III April 23rd-25th @ Vortex Spring

    well, maybe i can make it this time... i don't keep up on sb like i should and i know this is a dumb question, is springfest at vortex also?
  10. aowdan

    Last letter, first letter

    eggo! as in leggo of it....
  11. aowdan

    Most Pointless and Ridiculous Thread Ever on ScubaBoard!

    mr pigs mr not pigs osar lib mr pigs
  12. aowdan

    Close call in the dressing room

    a bruise from when she hit you??? :rofl3:
  13. aowdan

    Alabama lake diving? Wedowee, Smith, Martin?

    i'm in selma now. i go to cullman alot. we have 2 places on smith lake (in the family) could go to either for a shore dive. i personally have never "dove" the lake. growing up just used a mask and went as deep as i could go. i'd like to get in a few "easy" dives. i haven't been since i stopped...
  14. aowdan

    Pensacola Area Shore Diving Feb 27, 28, and 1st?

    cold is cold. even at NASA the water was 86 degrees. after 2.5 hours under, it doesn't matter what wetsuit you have, you just get cold,with or without a hood!!!
  15. aowdan

    UWATEC Aladin Sport and Sport Plus dive comp

    dumb they work? if they do i'll take 2 sports...
  16. aowdan

    Shriveling Diver...Please Help

    I am drying out. Please, can someone help me get hydrated? Just looking for some folks to go diving when it gets a little warmer. Pelham...Gulf spear fishing...Lake Martin...Smith Lake... I've been gone from here for 20 years... Need new diving places. I am used to the Keys. In Selma now, but...
  17. aowdan

    Hello Hello

    whistles are good for the good looking female divemasters ;-)
  18. aowdan

    Dive Plans: OCT 1st & 2nd Dives at Ft Pickens, who's in???

    I will TRY for friday. i work nights and it's hard to get up that early!!!
  19. aowdan

    Anybody want to dive Ft Pickens tomorrow (Sept-24-09)???

    YES!! Oh, wait. That was yesterday...crap