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  1. parzdiver

    Best USVI diving

    I have dived all three and I feel that the best diving was in St. Croix. The wall is awesome and you get a good combination of reef with the deep water pelagic (sharks). St. Thomas will get you a good number of wrecks, along with the reefs. St. John is good shallow reef diving, but not...
  2. parzdiver

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Not sure who stayed in that cabin. There were two groups on board splitting the boat. BTW - The AquaCat is awesome. Had a great time and wish I could swing it again.
  3. parzdiver

    Aquacat cabin 11

    I did a trip on AquaCat, I don't remember which room. From what I remember, the rooms did have enough space for storing all of our stuff. I am going on Cat Ppalu in a couple weeks and I know they store luggage on land during the trip. EDIT - just looked at the deck plan and saw that cabin...
  4. parzdiver

    Bonaire Diving Suggestions?

    From my very limited handful of trips, "It's all good" is a very accurate statement. If you asked me about my worst dive in Bonaire, I would reply, "It was awesome!"
  5. parzdiver

    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I would say my hit rate is between a third to half the time at non dive locations. I fly out of Philadelphia mostly. My carry on bag with my backplate rarely, if ever, gets checked. It is always by backpack with my regs. As others have said, it is the big chunk of brass with the hoses...
  6. parzdiver

    For Sale Hollis LED6

    Hollis LED6 - light is in great condition with minimal wear on the edges. Lens is clear and o-rings are in great shape. Hotspot is still hot. $50 - includes USPS flat rate shipping in US. Venmo or Paypal accepted. Reasonable offers will be considered. Will ship without batteries...
  7. parzdiver

    Scubapro "Storm Trooper"

    Unfortunately, an original Conshelf bag with a ScubaPro tag.... not so much. :eek:
  8. parzdiver

    Scubapro "Storm Trooper"

    That's awesome. Looks great. Hope the proprietary secret coating holds up. ;-)
  9. parzdiver

    Lubricate threads on 1st stage reg?

    The DIN threads should not need lubricant if they are clean and dry. Give them a lick to see if there is any salt residue left. Kidding (maybe). Make sure they are cleaned and dried after licking them. If there is anything on the threads you think is "not clean," hit it with a soft...
  10. parzdiver

    SOLD!!! Bigblue TL-3 LED Cannister Light - $1

    Not sure if anyone wants this or not, but I thought I would post before it ended up stripped and trashed. I no longer have a use for this light. I have a Bigblue TL-3 LED cannister light. 750 Lumens, 9 degree beam on hotspot. It works, but I don't know how good a charge the battery holds...
  11. parzdiver

    Movie The Vault 2021

    Any good? Is it a fun movie or completely ridiculous? Not expecting Academy Award winning film.
  12. parzdiver

    Scubapro Mk25: To DIN or not to DIN?

    My experience is similar to others here. I think the answer depends on your primary diving. After my first set of regs were no longer what I wanted, I purchased a DIN reg. Most of my diving at the time was local, and when traveling I would use the adapter. I did find the reg protruded...
  13. parzdiver

    The Fred Hotel - Frederiksted, St. Croix

    I would call the number of the web page and say you were chatting with Ashley and would like to speak with her about reservations. Tell her something unique in the chat so you can verify it is the same person. Many business have multiple phone numbers. Sometimes phone numbers published on...
  14. parzdiver

    System Crash 2021/08/20 or, Oops, we did it again!

    I think it was my fault. I raised a thread on DiveNY from the dead....
  15. parzdiver

    Storing steel tanks without valves on them

    If they are dried and you are going to tumble and O2 clean them anyway, I don't see how leaving them unsealed will be any kind of problem. You can tape the holes or put the valves in loosely if you want to keep out any dust.
  16. parzdiver

    Wing Elbow Threads

    Since you bought the elbow from Dive Gear Express, I suggest giving them a call, they have been good about answering my questions.
  17. parzdiver

    Newbie buying his first gear

    That is a great reg set. Regarding the wing, for a doubles wing, the bladder has to have a lot of space in the middle to accommodate the tanks. I have seen one or two "solutions" that use elastic bands to pull it close, but it does not really fix the problem. You will wind up with problems...
  18. parzdiver

    New BC

    From what I see, the Cressi R1 is discontinued, which would partly explain the price difference. You would have to look at their features side by side to see if there are significant differences. Whichever is comfortably for you and fits your diving needs is the way to go.
  19. parzdiver

    Ways to get buddy's attention?

    While the following methods work, they have a major down side, they are extremely annoying. I prefer to use a bolt snap and bang it on my tank. Rattles! Get your buddy's attention and everyone else diving within a mile radius whenever you move. LPI honkers - annoy everyone in the ocean...
  20. parzdiver

    7' Hose Routing wo/ Canister?

    I have a drill press, so I will drill a series of holes and then use a jig saw and file to clean the edges. From what I can see, the sticks are 6" long, with the 2" slot cut close to the top. Please refer to my highly technical diagram below. :D ------------------------------------ |...