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  1. Fajabird

    Anyone recommend a good light/torch?

    The Big Blue light is excellent and would be a good choice. However, I prefer the AL1000WP, which has a wider beam. I also recommend getting the soft Goodman handle so you can keep your fingers free, and an extra battery. I particularly like the adjustable light settings and magnetic switch for...
  2. Fajabird

    New diver first boat dive

    Good advice so far. You may also want to ask if the the shop or boat you're diving with offers a "Boat Diving" class. This would be a good way to get some focused instruction, attention, and knowledge about boats and diving off of them, particularly the one you'll be using. If you don't...
  3. Fajabird

    My SAC is really bad.

    dv - Here is another possibility. You may have a regulator that is very easy to breath. When you breath in and get the flow going, the reg can continue to deliver air, even though you have stopped breathing in. The excess air comes in through your mouth and flows out your nose. This "gentle...
  4. Fajabird

    The burn! (Negativity towards tech divers)

    Pardon my ignorance. What is a "homemade MCCR"?
  5. Fajabird

    So what did you do this week-end?

    Taught a SCUBA Tune Up class to four divers. They had all gotten their OW Cert 1 to 4 years ago and hadn't dived at all since. Bummer! I was very happy about one of the ladies in the class. She said that her OW water class was so stressful that she burst into tears after her final dive...
  6. Fajabird

    Basic Breathing Technique

    Another possibility: When I descend, I do it at a rate that I equalize my mask and ears on every breath. In effect, I'm breathing in through my mouth and out my nose with every breath. Maybe the instructor was describing this?